Former Presidential counselor, Daniela Nicoleta Andreescu to run the Government's Secretariat, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, the national currency depreciated to 4,0296 Ron/Euro. Last but not least, former Social Democratic Deputy and son of former director at Ziua, Mircea Stanescu killed himself.

Gandul reads about Daniela Nicoleta Andreescu, former presidential counselor that will supervise the technical operations of the government. The newspaper reads that she has every chance of being followed by other former presidential counselors.

Another counselor that might soon follow her steps is Bogdan Chiritoiu, former Liberal Democrat and current state counselor in the Planning and Political Analysis Department. Andreescu was counselor within the Constitutional-Legislative Department within the Presidency but her resignation and nomination for the government was not yet officially announced.

While Democrat Liberals as busy sharing the second level seats, Stolojan has been burdened with the institutional reform of the party, namely with the project modifying the regulations and the status of the Party in accordance to the new realities.

Namely, local structures of the party will be organized starting from uninominal colleges and the the Parliamentary groups will have a new internal regulation, based on the European Parliament model, with rapporteurs for each commission. Sources within the party declared that Stolojan could manage the party's departments.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads that the national currency has every chance of losing in front of the euro if the new government fails to offer credible measures. Quoted economists declared that the national currency will find its stability at around 4 Ron/euro if the government will take the necessary measures.

Last but not least, Mircea Stanescu, the son of journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu was found dead by his lawyer, Catalin Dancu. Mircea Stanescu was involved in a car accident, at the end of the year, leaving a man dead. Stanescu killed himself on Monday night, judicial sources declared for Mediafax.

Stanescu was suspected to be the one driving the car and causing the accident even if initially, a friend of Mircea Stanescu assumed the accident.