Most newspapers note on Wednesday that Romania may become a semi-presidential republic, in case the Constitution modifications prepared by a presidential commission are approved. Other news refer to the economic crisis and its effects: more jobs may be lost, mainly in the car building industry and in health care.

"Traian Basescu ordered himself a new Republic", is the headline in Cotidianul, while most other newspapers follow the same tone in the voice. The "Presidential Commission for the analysis of the political and Constitutional regime in Romania" introduced its report on Tuesday, showing that the power held by the head of state may increase significantly. Basescu explained that ten Constitution modifications were selected out of 23 suggestions, being more important. According to the newspapers, one of the main attributes of the future president, in case the modifications are accepted, is the power to dismantle the Parliament. Also, the future Parliament may be formed by a single chamber, instead of two, as it is now.

Elsewhere in the news, one of the most popular district mayors in Bucharest, Liviu Negoita, is accused in Evenimentul Zilei of paying tens of millions of Euros to companies without any procurement bids. The technique is to sign additional documents for already signed deals, often for sums well above the amount first mentioned, the newspaper unveils.

The crisis effects continue to make it to the headlines. In Gandul, one may find out that the list prices for cars are nothing but a starting point for negotiations, any dealer being willing to offer at least a 15% discount. Some dealers - like Romcar (Ford dealer), Volvo or Hyundai - may cut up to 25% of the list price. At the same time, the dramatic fall of the car sales may lead to the loss of 100,000 jobs, the newspaper notes, quoting the officials in the Romanian Car Importers and Producers Association.

Jurnalul National found another effect of the crisis: Romania may soon suffer from the loss of oncology and anesthesiology specialists. Most specializations already suffer from insufficient personnel, but the situation may become dramatic for the areas mentioned above.

To make it even worse, the Government may not apply the 50% wage growth for budgetary personnel (mainly teachers), approved by the former cabinet before the elections. Unions threaten to go on strike, while economists say the measure may prove to be excellent for the state budget, Gandul reads