Small towns seem to reflect the most spectacular effects of the economic crisis, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's highway constructions are 40% more expensive than the European average. Last but not least, the Prime Minister's niece secured a job in the chancellery.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that small towns in Romania seem to reflect thoroughly the effects of the economic crisis. The newspaper refers to the so called mono-industrial towns, kept alive by a small factory that hired most of the population. The newspaper goes on to describe the same effects in several cities across the country.

Members of the same family, who used to work in the same factory are now left without a job. They can no longer afford luxury products are more careful in how they spend their money. The newspaper goes on to describe the drama of middle aged people who are left without a job, without knowing what the future will bring.

In the same vein, Romania libera reads about Huedin, a town nearby Cluj Central Romania where one of the most important economic unit, a furniture factory, one of IKEA's suppliers, went bankrupt and 400 people were left without a job.

The other important factory in the city, Napolact, part of the Friesland Dutch group plans to transfer its activity in Huedin to another unit and thus leave 250 employees without a job. Local mayor Mircea Morosan said, after talking with Napolact representatives that they hoped they would be able to save some jobs.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads that Romania's highways are 40% more expensive than the average European ones, an official World Bank report reveals. Ministry sources declared for the newspaper that the document reveals the two main causes: authorities agree to increase prices even after the contract with the construction company is signed. The other cause is the political influence over public tenders and their pressure to favor certain companies.

The study managed to stir a scandal between the current Transports minister Radu Berceanu and the former Transports minister, Liberal Ludovic Orban who blamed each other. Nonetheless, representatives of the Romanian construction companies declared that their prices are fair.

As responsibility is being passed from one political camp to the other, one thing is for sure: roads are not improving and highways are build at a very slow pace.

Cotidianul reads that the Prime Minister's niece, Mihaela Eugenia Boc secured a job in the chancellery as a personal counselor according to her wealth declaration. Mihaela Boc was previously working at Cluj, in the City Hall while Boc was mayor.

Local sources declared for the newspaper that Mihaela Boc was in charge with setting up conferences at the local City Hall. However, the Executive informed that Mihaela Boc is just a counselor of a state secretary. Moreover, the official press release reads that actually Mihaela Boc is not the Prime Minister's personal counselor but of state secretary Stefania Ferencz.