President Traian Basescu announced on Thursday, after the session of the Supreme Defense Council, that Romania needs the IMF loan for modernization, as well as to avoid putting the populace into a difficult situation. The head of state refused to put the finger on a certain amount to be borrowed, but mentioned that negotiations include a period between 5 and 7 years before starting to pay the loan.

The main statements of the president:

- We maintain the targets we assumed during the NATO summit in Bucharest;

- Our presence will continue in Kosovo and Afghanistan;

- We discussed the reshuffling of the border police;

- We discussed about the integrated border protection system;

- After the session, we approached the economic situation;

- Romania needs financial safety;

- I suggested the presidents of the two governing parties to find common solutions for the crisis;

- I will not offer any figures related to the loan, it may come in shares that spread in one or two years;

- I think we should use this crisis to start the modernization of the country;

- It is necessary to have the financing resources for structural reforms in Education and health care.