The "government of promises" realizes the crisis and announces it will froze all salaries, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian politicians seek to hire Obama's consultants for the upcoming European Parliamentay and Presidential elections. Last but not least, prosecutors have a hard time tracking down the thieves who stole Becali's car.

Gandul reads that the "government of promises" finally realizes its promises are not in line with reality: PM Emil Boc announced that all state salaries will be froze. After a four hour governmental meeting, PM Boc declared that they will postpone the 50% salary increase ordinance for professors.

What is more, all school institutions will have to lay off up to 2% of the professors. Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea explained that these measures had to be taken due to the financial crisis. Boc announced that the government will make all efforts to pay budgetary salaries and pensions.

On the other side, union representatives declared that they understand that the crisis will freeze the purchase power but not diminish it which will happen if the government will freeze salaries.

Union representative Bogdan Hossu declared that the union will organize protests across country. Hossu declared that in the last two months negotiations with the government lead to an informal agreement that the government will increase salaries gradually.

However, Hossu declared that the government announce to freeze all salaries without informing unions about the decision.

Elsewhere in the news, Social Democratic Party leader Mircea Geoana plans to hire Obama's consultants for these upcoming Presidential elections, Cotidianul reads. The newspaper informs that 30 American consultants will arrive next week from Benenson Strategy Group to sign a contract with the party.

The party's executive director, Valeriu Zgonea confirmed that information for the newspaper and added that the American consultants will be paid less than what local consultant Dan Andronic claims for his services.

The newspaper reads that Geoana is not the only one to seek foreign advice, Prince Radu Duda, independent candidate for the Presidential elections this year will receive advice from Betsy Meyers, former executive director of Obama's campaign.

Time will tell whether Romanian's politicians can adapt American style political campaigning to the national context successfully.

Elsewhere in the news, most newspapers read that prosecutors have a hard time tracking down the thieves who stole Gigi Becali's car. Cotidianul reads about a failed attempt to arrest those who stole Becali's car. Steaua's club owner and renowned businessman Gigi Becali was arrested for 29 days and temporary released under judicial control, accused of depriving of liberty the thieves that stole his car.