Renegotiating the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Agreement might be Romania's only change to receive the full loan package granted by the international financial institutes. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian MEP Elena Basescu, the President’s daughter, has already become a reason for scandal in the European People's Party. Last but not least, 100 years passed since Romanian inventor and world aviation pioneer Aurel Vlaicu flew his own glider.

Renegotiating the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Agreement might be Romania's only change to receive the full loan package granted by the international financial institutes, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The reasons mentioned by the paper address the inability of reaching the imposed targets, like the budget deficit, which cannot go over 24.3 billion lei. Other reasons regard the effects of the economic crisis, which are shrinking the state incomes, and the structural reforms imposed in emergency regime.

Capitalmagazine sees the fiscal-budget policy as the most vulnerable chapter, as it would need a remapping of social policies and of the state incomes and pensions strategy. Evenimentul Zilei shows that the budget deficit had already reached 9.5 billion lei in April. The forecast, according to which the state budget was designed with a 4% economic decrease in mind, might have to be adjusted. Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea says it may reach 6.5%, should the economy be blocked for the next trimesters.

Possible solutions the Government may take to still meet the IMF agreement might include bigger taxes. If the Government increases the VAT or the unique income tax quota, Romania risks losing more than half of the loan, EVZ concludes.

Romanian MEP Elena Basescu has become a reason for scandal in the European People's Party, Cotidianul informs. An important Hungarian EPP leader, Surjan Laszlo, contested Elena Basescu, incumbent President's daughter, EPP membership application after she expressed her wish to become a member of the party and rejoined the lib-dems immediately after the votes showed she gathered enough votes for a MEP mandate. Surjan Laszlo emailed every MEP and the head of the EPP Wilfred Martens with questions.

The Hungarian MEP was asking his colleagues whether it would be in their interest to accept the candidacy of a person whose political career, beliefs and public statements could hurt the party; a person who was not accepted to candidate on her own party’s lists; a person who made ambiguous public declarations regarding drug policy; a person who wins election supported by her family name. "Do we back nepotism?" one of his questions read.

Leader of the PDL group in the EP Theodor Stolojan said he did not believe that EBA's membership would be a problem, but he did not exclude having to vote for it. Elena Basescu sustains that the person causing her trouble is actually Andreea Vass, ex-consultant for Stolojan and current consultant for the Romanian PM. Vass is supposed to befriend the Hungarian MEP. According to EBA, Vass attacked some of the party's members but was not backed by any organisation.

Authorities in Geoagiu, Hunedoara (Central-West Romania) organised a flight parade on Sunday to celebrate 100 years since Romanian inventor Aurel Vlaicu flew for the first time with a glider he had invented, Adevarul reads. Aurel Vlaicu is considered a world aviation pioneer. Pilots of the Romanian Airclub and of "Constantin Manolache" Airclub paid homage to Vlaicu by flying above Geoagiu, Vlaicu's birth town.

Three MIG 15 and three PUMA helicopters flew from the military aviation battalion in Campia Turzii (Central Romania) over his memorial house. There were hundreds of people present at the parade. Aurel Vlaicu is Romanian aviation pride, alongside Traian Vuia and Henri Coanda. Vlaicu went on to build three aircraft models.