The 25th swine flu case in Romania came from Spain. Elsewhere in the news, Gypsy representatives from Romania propose the change of "Roma" nomenclature with "Indiroma" or "sinti", as to not affect Romania’s country brand internationally anymore. Last but not least, Romania stated at the NATO-Russia meeting in Corfu that the two sides needed to resolve the frozen conflicts and should refrain from redefining the spheres of influence.

The 25th swine flu case in Romania came from Spain,Romania Liberareads. Romanian National Centre for Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control recorded a new A/H1N1 infection case, according to Ministry of Health on Sunday. A 35 year old man from Bucharest flew in on June 23 from Spain. He's currently under specific treatment, hospitalised at "Matei Bals" Institute from the Capital.

There are currently seven patients hospitalised with swine flu in Romania - for with "Matei Bals" Institute in Bucharest, four with "Victor Babes" Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Timisoara.

Son of Romanian Gypsies' King, Dorin Cioaba, proposes the change of ethnic nomenclature from "Roma" to "Indiroma", as to not affect Romania's country brand, Cotidianulreads. The Gypsies’ representatives in Romania say that the country's image could be affected by the crimes some Roma ethnics may commit. "We want to get rid of the 'Roma' title, since the Romanian authorities have accused us of using the state's name. We don't want to be the black sheep, we don't want the reputation according to which only Gypsy citizens are committing crimes when leaving Romania", he said.

Dorin Cioaba, son of Gypsy King Florin Cioaba, mentioned that "Indirom Agency" has already been announced and that a decision will be taken this week at a conference in Strasbourg. Dan Cioaba said the Gypsy representatives in Romania have decided upon "Indiroma" because "our origins are in India and we don't want any connection to be made with Romania or the city of Rome".

Romanian Gypsy Emperor Iulian said that the new name contained "Roma" anyway and that the proposal could not be supported. Politician Madalin Voicu, honorific president of all Romas, disagrees with the nomenclature and proposes that the short name for Romania to be changed from ROM to ROU. Another possible word to replace "Roma" could be "sinti", which is largely used in Europe.

NATO and Russia restarted their political and military cooperation at the informal military meeting in Corfu Island, Evenimentul Zileiinforms. Romanian diplomacy chief and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cristian Diaconescu, said Romania supported several issues on this occasion. One problem underlined was the need to identify real solutions to solve the frozen conflicts. Diaconescu also proposed that the present dialogue should not lead to redefining the spheres of influence.

NATO General Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer declared that "fundamental divergences" continue to exist between Russia and NATO, according to AFP. Nevertheless, the NATO-Russia Council resumed its activity. This is the first meeting of the two parties since the conflict in Georgia.