Commander of the Alliance Nationale de la Resistance from Ciad, Mahamat Abbo Sileck is said to have plotted a rebellion from Romania, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. In politics today, everything is about money: Economy and Environment ministers fight for 2 billion euro of EU funds. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's most important businessmen talk about the volatility of the exchange rate in the crisis. On a lighter tone, British William Blacker talks about his experience with Romanian gypsies after living more than 9 years among them.

Ciad's National Resistance Alliance commander, Mahamat Abbo Sileck organized a rebellion from Medias, Romania, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The newspaper reads that Sileck arrived in Cluj and drove to Medias where he spent a couple of days before leaving for Dubai.

Officially, Sileck was spending his holiday in Romania, at the invite of the Romanians that activated in the French legion. In an exclusive interview for the newspaper, Sileck admits that Ciad's rebellions are fought with Romanian made weapons.

Sileck explained that he came in Romania to visit an old friend, Horatiu Potra, whom he met back in 2002 when the Romanian mercenary was hired by the African Republic to train the presidential guards of Ange Felix Patasse. Potra confirmed that Ciad uses Romanian made weapons.

Cotidianul reads about the quarrel among Economy and Environment ministers over 2 billion euro. Specifically, Economy minister Videanu is accused of issuing a governmental decision through which his minister is entitled to receive 2 billion euro from EU funds for CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, Environment minister Nemirschi declare that the governmental decision is illegal and that his ministry is entitled to get that money. In reality, both ministries should establish, together the units of emissions to be sold to polluters.

When prompted about the issue, Nemirschi declared that the Economy ministry wants to do what the Environment ministry should in fact be responsible with, like in other EU states. He explained that the Environment ministry should set up green certificates which should be approved by the Finance and Foreign Affairs ministries.

Gandul puts forward the worst case scenario sustained by important businessmen in Romania for the exchange rate this year, and reveals that the euro might raise from 4.3 lei to 5 lei.

Romania's economy is still decreasing with no changes in the horizon despite the anti-crisis measures announced by the Government. At least, this is what some of the most important businessmen in Romania like Dinu Patriciu, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu think.

The conclusion seems to be the same, irrespective of the economic sector: if the state fails to take some clear steps, the national currency will depreciate even more. The first who covered the media pages was Dinu Patriciu, former owner of Rompetrol group. He declared that the exchange rate will increase to 4.7 lei or 4.8 lei by the end of the year.

On the other hand, media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantul declared that the exchange rate has no reason to exceed 4.3 lei. Pessimists declared that the exchange rate might even reach 5 lei. However, they all agree on one thing: that the government needs to take up real measures to counter the crisis, like other European states.

Businessmen wish for cheaper credits and productive investments and the IMF and EU foreign loan to stay away from consumption.

On a lighter tone, Romania libera reveals how British William Blacker sees Romania and the gypsy community in which he has been living in the last nine years. Six months per year, Blacker lives in UK where he is a freelance journalist, writing for the Times, Daily Telegraph and the Ecologist.

The other six months, Blacker spends his time in Central Romania, nearby Sighisoara where he raises his half gypsy son in a gypsy community. Blacker talks about how he came about to stay in Romania back in 1990 when he first arrived in the country.

The newspaper reads that he even published a book on this, in which he talks about Romania and how one can fall in love with such a country.