Political strategies are being shaped in light of the upcoming presidential elections this fall. Today, most newspapers read about Bucharest mayor's plans to run for president.Elsewhere in the news, the Romanian state pays for a 5 day Hungarian extremist camp, in Central Romania. Last but not least, Dracula's myth attracts tourists at Hunedoara, West Romania, one newspaper reads.

Most newspapers today read about Sorin Oprescu's declaration that he will not exclude the possibility to run, as an independent in the fall presidential elections. Oprescu declared that even if he firmly declared that he will not run for president during his campaign for Bucharest, he will consider this option now.

Oprescu said that his decision will depend on how things will evolve in the upcoming months. Gandul reads that Oprescu is considering to stand for president because most politicians forgot the wishes of the people and that they resume at promises and do not do anything.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reveals that the Romanian state pays for a 5 day Hungarian extremist camp in Central Romania. Harghita's County Council allocated some 5,000 lei for a Hungarian youth camp. The guest of honor is Vona Gabor, president of the Hungarian Extremist party Jobbik.

The fifth edition of the camp will be organized in Gheorghieni, between August 5-9. Co-organizer of the five day camp, president of the Harghita County Council, Borboly Csaba declared that the money will cover several expenses of the camp.

Borboly declared for the newspaper that the local council pays for a youth manifestation and not for political or ideological stands. Some 10,000 people are expected to attend the camp, Borboly added.

The Jobbik party recommends itself as conservatory, Christian and patriot whose fundamental purpose is to protect the Hungarian values and interests. The political party was registered in 2003, based on the civil organization bearing the same name.

Romania libera reads how the very famous count Dracula was transformed into a tourist agent at Hunedoara, West Romania where administrators of the Corvini Castle used Dracula's myth to attract visitors.

The castle's administrators decided to link the annual Castle Days event to Vlad Tepes and launched the festival entitled Dracula Nights, which ended yesterday. Manifestations included horror movies that could be watched by night within the castle.

The myth was not chose to attract tourists only, but also because historians proved a connection between Vlad the Impaler and the Corvini Castle. Administrators of the castle declared that the only thing they wanted to communicate is that Vlad the Impaler, as a historic character was linked with the family in Hunedoara. They remind their readers that Vlad Dracul was murdered by the order of Ioan of Hunedoara.