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What the newspapers say: September 1, 2009

de C.B.
Marţi, 1 septembrie 2009, 2:00 English | Press Review

The governing coalition is ready to nominate Dan Ciolos for the Agriculture portfolio at the next European Commission. Elsewhere in the news, the crises evaporated the job offers: the rate of vacancies is lower than 1%. Last but not least, Tigareta II (Cigarette II) was an arms operation at Otopeni airport in Bucharest and President Traian Basescu knew about it.

The governing coalition is ready to nominate Dan Ciolos for the Agriculture portfolio at the next European Commission, Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu declared for Radio Romania Actualitati, Cotidianul reads. Dan Ciolos is ex-Agriculture minister. Diaconescu said there will be impediments in Romania's attempt to secure the European Agriculture portfolio, because it is a prestigious one. "Not all EU countries are interested in Romania getting this portfolio", minister Diaconescu opinionated.

Diaconescu said Romania will use its politico-diplomatic network to get the agriculture portfolio. He underlined the importance of the candidate being supported by both coalition parties. According to him, the Swedish EU Presidency announced Romania that the list with the commissioners to be approved by the European Parliament will be completed around October 25-26.

The crises evaporated job offers, Evenimentul Zilei informs. The Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS) data shows that the rate of vacancies continued to drop from April to June. The vacancy rate was 0.89%, a lower figure compared with 1.27%, the rate for the first quarter, and against 2.02% - the figure for Q2 in 2008.

The most important demand was experienced in the health and social services departments (4.05%), followed by public  administration (1.89%), and professional, scientific and technical activities (1.20%). On the other hand, one can hardly get any job in extractive industry, real estate and electric and thermal energy distribution. The most sought for employees were intellectual specialists, science people and skilled agriculture, fishing and forestry workers. At the other pole are the legal and executive staff, public administration managers, craftsmen and installation maintainers.

The companies started to reduce recruiting costs, internal events and bonuses to lower the costs during recession, a European Association for People Management study shows. According to the study, the biggest cuts in European staff were seen by the car industry (46%), the mass consumption industry (45%), industrial goods industry (44%) and IT and communication (41%).   

"Tigareta II" (Cigarette II) was an illegal arms operation and Traian Basescu knew about it, Adevarul reads. The ex-second commander of Otopeni airport from Bucharest Valentin Vasilescu declared for Romanian TV channel Antena 3 that Traian Basescu knew about the arms traffic at the airport during his Transport minister mandate, but he took no action against it.

Vasilescu said "Tigareta II" was not an illegal cigarette traffic, but actually an illegal arms trade. The ex-second commander claims he can prove with recordings that he had informed Romania's incumbent President on the facts. "Mr. Basescu panicked, the way he's panicking now", Vasilescu added. 

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