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What the newspapers say: September 10, 2009

de A.C.
Joi, 10 septembrie 2009, 8:42 English | Press Review

Romanian doctors represent 12% of the total medical personnel in France, but French authorities are dissatisfied with their poor training, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanians plan to send the first rocket into space for a chance to win 30 million dollars. Meanwhile, on earth, a World Bank report reveals that each Romanian spends 202 hours to pay their dues. Also, Romania's Health ministry plans to start A/H1N1 vaccination in December. Last but not least, Moldovans will waive visas for Romanians in the near future.

French doctors are dissatisfied with Romanian doctors on grounds that they are poorly trained, Cotidianul reads on Thursday. Romanian doctors settling in France represent already 12% of the total medical personnel in a country where the health system suffers from a decrease of medicine students.

French Medics Order President Michel Legmann declared, quoted by AFP that the Romanian education system should emphasize the content of these studies, not just the years. He added that he encountered some severe level differences and even some fake diplomas.

Romanians represent 12% of the 9,000 foreign doctors in France and 40% of the total number of foreign doctors who enrolled in 2008 the Medics Order. The explanation is quite easy: in Romania, a doctor earns 400 euro while in France he can win ten times more.

Romania's Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Association (ARCA) is trying to win a 30 million dollar prize offered by Google to those who manage to send their own rocket onto the moon, Gandul reads. The Association announced that they will send the first Romanian rocket in space.

Helen, the rocket, weights 1,800 kg even though it weights 100 times less than the NASA rockets and will be launched on October 1. The set date depends mostly on weather conditions. Two military marine ships will transport the rocket in the Black Sea.

It will take three hours to set the rocket at 14,000 meters with the help of the biggest solar balloon when the motor of the rocket will be started and the rocket will fly into space. Once on the orbit, Helen will be redirected towards Earth.

Back on earth, a World Bank report concludes that in Romania, each citizen needs 202 hours per year to pay taxes, Gandul reads. The newspaper reads that Romania will occupy the 55th position globally regarding its business environment.

Compared to this year, Romania will lose 10 places in 2010, especially due to excessive bureaucracy when it comes to taxes. To pay 113 taxes per year, each company doing business in our country needs no less than 202 hours.

Health ministry will launch its vaccination campaign against the swine flu in early December, Romania libera reads. The first categories to be vaccinated will be medical doctors, services personnel, children and pregnant women.

A special Committee, set up within the Health ministry met yesterday to establish new measures to prevent infections with the new swine flu. The Committee decided to set up supplementary monitoring, prevention and reaction measures for A/H1N1 cases.

Last but not least, Romania libera reads that the Moldovan government will waive visas for Romanians in their first meeting, in two to three works, Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat declared. Filat is the European Integration Alliance proposal for the Prime Minister position.

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