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What the newspapers say: September 17, 2009

de C.B.
Joi, 17 septembrie 2009, 8:15 English | Press Review

The Romanian Government took legal responsibility for creating the spy students. Elsewhere in the news, the Republic of Moldova does not intend to unite with Romania, according to temporary president Mihai Ghimpu. Last but not least, Romanians in Italy complained to Prime Minister Emil Boc about discrimination, work and contracts.

The Romanian Government took legal responsibility for the creation of spy students, Cotidianul reads. The new Education law creates a surprising profile for high schools: diploma for informing, where students can learn how to be spies. Despite Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu being aware of the fact and having declared it "a typing error", saying the measure is meant for the superior education, she did nothing to change it before the Boc Government voted the law.

A Romanian professor teaching at the History University in Bucharest, Zoe Petre, said that the system has chosen to pervert teenagers. "At 14, when they go to high school, they are only half-responsible for their acts", she argues. But she was shocked to receive letters from parents, saying that they have nothing against the spy high schools: their children will graduate with an Intelligence officer job, well paid and holding power.

The new Education law also changed the paragraph that read politicians could not hold leadership positions in education institutions. The final draft of the law sees the local mayor naming the head of the institution. Politicians are also allowed to have leading roles in universities. Maybe it is related with the fact that socialist-democrat minister Ecaterina Andronescu is Bucharest Polytechnics University's rector.

The Republic of Moldova does not intend to unite with Romania, according to temporary president Mihai Ghimpu, Gandul reads quoting Itar-Tass. Ghimpu said that despite being brothers, the Moldavians seek to join the EU next to Romanians and that he needs to do what's best for Moldavian citizens. But Ghimpu is set to get rid of the visas for EU citizens, including Romanians.

The Republic of Moldova is making efforts to hold the next CSI summit in October, despite Ghimpu saying that choosing between CSI and NATO integration was not a main priority for the governing Alliance for European Integration. He did not make any secret of the fact that Moldova was not rushing to join NATO and that NATO did not make Moldova any invitation, having in mind its territorial integrity problems.

Romanian PM Emil Boc met with members of the Romanian Diaspora in his visit to Italy, Adevarul informs. He had the chance to find out more about problems regarding work force, contracts, Italian legislation, and a better communications with the Romanian associations to make their rights known to workers.

The representatives of the Romanian associations told the Prime Minister about problems with services that the embassy cannot deliver due to staff shortages and space, about the discrimination Romanians are subject to in the Italian society and about the negative media attention. Plus, the Romanian state is not able to repatriate the bodies of the Romanians deceased while at work in Italy and Spain and the families cannot not afford to support such expenditure.

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