Lucian Croitoru, the new designated PM attempts the impossible, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the political crisis can also blow up the exchange rate, after it managed to cease Romania's external aid, one paper warns. Elsewhere in the news, US Ambassador to Bucharest Mark Gitenstein advises that the IT&C sector can pull Romania out of the crisis. On a lighter tone, a Romanian owed Germans at the 2009 Supertalent show leaving the jury in tears.

Cotidianul reads about Lucian Croitoru's attempt to tackle the impossible: he will propose Social Democrats to take over the Interior Ministry in the new government he is trying to set up. At their turn, Social Democrats propose Dan Nica.

Social Democratic Party spokesperson Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz declared that his offer is a false one and pointed to his alleged independence. Duvaz added that Croitoru has nothing to offer because he knows that there is a Parliamentary majority with another solution.

Liberals do not believe that the Social Democrats might be tempted by Croitoru's offer. The coalition formed by Liberals, Social Democrats and Hungarian Democrats will show that Croitoru stands no chance in the Parliament, Liberal leader Leonard Orban said.

An analysis of Gandul reads that politicians, through their political scandal endanger the exchange rate after they stalled the country's foreign aid from the IMF, EU or the World Bank. If the National Central Bank will be obliged to release money on the market so that banks can circulate to Finance, the exchange rate will be hard to defend.

History repeats itself as the Romanian leu seems the most probable immediate victim of the political scandals. Just like last year, when the National Bank decided to release money to help the Finance ministry cover up the budgetary deficit, the end of 2009 announces tough times for the national currency.

In theory, Romania should have been relieved by the need of money through its IMF, EU and World Bank loans. However, the political scandals canceled, for the time being, all the advantages gained so far by the Finance ministry.

At the time, without a government to receive the third IMF installment, the Finance ministry faces some serious problems.

According to the US official Mark Gitenstein, the technological industry is vital for Romania for its contribution, Cotidianul reads. US Ambassador to Bucharest declared that the presence of important names in the sector, like Oracle, HP or Microsoft will encourage other companies to invest in Romania.

Plus, the IT&C sector in Romania will pull the country out of the crisis, Ambassador Gitenstein declared at the 2009 Global Forum in Bucharest. In the industry, there are 50,000 people working with salaries exceeding the national average. The contribution of the companies in this sector to the GDP is 8%, he explained.

On the other hand, at the same event, President Basescu declared that the IT progress can stagnate if the government is in bad hands. His declarations follow the upcoming Presidential elections.

Somehow out of the context, Basescu said that "we do not wish for a world in which the IT sector can allow government bureaucrats to invade our personal life. Within a free society, IT should be an important way to express points of view, to ensure public access to information and ensure a competitive environment to stimulate creativity."

This year's Global Forum edition is hosted for the first time by an Eastern European city. Global Forum is an international event, independent, dedicated to political, social and economic problems connected to the evolution of society.

Gandul reads how Romanian Petruta Cecilia Kupper owed Germans to tears in the 2009 Supertalent show. Petruta left Romania just a year ago and, in an attempt to help her schizophrenic sister registered to the show.

She sang The Lonely Shepherd at the Romanian "nai" (panpipe). If she will manage to win in the finals, she can cash in 100,000 euro.