Romania's Presidential Administration spent in the last three years (out of the total of 5) of Basescu's mandate one billion and a half of euro to produce decorations and medals. Elsewhere in the news, all newspapers are watching the electoral campaign: candidates marked 4269 km in the first three days of the campaign. On an interesting note, a five year old Romania is the strongest kid in the world.

Cotidianul reads about over 5,000 decorated Romanians through Presidential decree issued by Basescu in his five years of mandate. Some of 5,000 decorations were worth in three years over 1 billion and a half euro, official data reveals.

The sum covers only the mere production of medals, orders and decorations. Another 15,000 euro were spent to type the diplomas. Some people have undeniable achievements and the chief of state took advantage of their status.

Others had political achievements: Basescu awarded his spokesperson, Valeriu Turcan for his professionalism and for his devotion during the NATO Summit in Bucharest. District 2 mayor Neculai Ontanu was awarded for his devotion in 2007 when he was a leader in the Social Democratic Party.

Elsewhere in the news, most newspapers eye the electoral campaign, which officially kicked off on Friday. Over the weekend, Gandul reads that candidates marked 4269km across the country in just three days.

As political scandals decreased in intensity at televisions and radios, politicians did not miss the change to exchange declarations through cities and villages. Gandul puts forward a summary of those candidates who swore more their counter candidates.

After attacking his counter candidates, incumbent President Basescu maintained the same attitude towards his close colleagues. In the first day, the electoral campaign marked 20 incidents investigated by the police in 11 cities. Even though there were no fellonies, police officers issued fines worth 12,000 lei.

Among irregularities there are three cases of electoral posters in other places that those authorized, without the written consent of the owners. In Arges, investigators started a penal file after a city hall representative offered oil, sugar and flour from the EU stocks for the poor and handicapped.

Gandul reads about a five year old Romanian who is the strongest kid in the world and is already marked in the Guinness Book of World Records. Giuliano Stroe won this title after representatives of the Guinness Book saw him perform a tough exercise for his age.

The little guy is the oldest of the four children of the Stroe family, who reside in Italy. His father, a passionate of body building encouraged his son. Since he was two, the little boy started to imitate his father.

Despite the success he registered on Youtube and after appearing on televisions in Italy, Giuliano is still a child: he likes to draw, play in the part or watch cartoons.