Most newspapers today read about the failed attempt of Presidential candidates to organize a debate, a few days before elections. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reveals the costs of the A/H1N1 virus. On a lighter tone, citizens in Bucharest can enjoy the first IMAX cinema at the new AFI Cotroceni mall.

Gandul reads about the failed attempt of the main Presidential candidates to organize a debate. Yesterday's events split the main Presidential candidates in two camps: on the one side there was PSD leader Mircea Geoana and on the other, incumbent President Basescu, Liberal Antonescu and independent Oprescu.

After hours of intense fighting, accusations and political struggles, the debate was finally canceled due to lack of candidates. Incumbent President Basescu declared that the public television, where the debate was due to be organized, is corrupt and under the influence of the Social Democrats.

Yesterday morning, the details for the debate were to be discussed among the staff of the main candidates. Even if they partially agreed in the morning, by noon, everything was uncertain until it led to the cancellation of the debate all together.

In the end, in the whole political scandal, no one is sure now, why was the debate cancelled and by whom. However, today is another day and negotiations will continue.

Cotidianul reads that the A/H1N1 virus costs the Romanian budget 20 million euro. At the moment, the Health ministry is organizing a public tender to purchase Zanamivir, the antiviral. Due to conditions imposed by the ministry, Europharm is the only one that fits the criteria. Until now, the paper reads, the ministry bought antiviral worth 47 million lei.

On top of these money, another 42 million lei were spent on vaccines, masks and other logistical needs. Up to now authorities spent some 20 million euro. The Health ministry acquired the two antivirals that fight against A/H1N1 Tamiflu and Zanamivir. According to the ministry there were bought 184,500 Tamiflu vaccines and 185,000 Zanamivir with 22,408,000 lei.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the first IMAX cinema to open in Romania, at the AFI Palace Cotroceni mall in Bucharest. The ticket price ranges between 17 to 34 lei depending on the public category and the day.

The cinema has 21 cinema rooms which cater for about 4,300 places. 17 rooms are standard, 3 VIP and the IMAX cinema.