Consultations among political parties are still due to spit a Prime Minister, most newspapers read on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, a news television and some newspapers mark 20 years of liberty since the 1989 revolution with a special program airing the exact events that took place on December 15 to 25. Last but not least, the government reported a 1.3% economic increase to the IMF for 2010.

After consultations with the President, Democrat Liberals were optimistic at the thought that Emil Boc will be designated PM but they did not rule out a possible surprise, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Yesterday's consultations did not bring anything new on the table: each camp claimed its PM and got Basescu's promise to name a PM this morning.

The President's calendar is to designate a PM today, allow two days for negotiations and submit the list of the new cabinet on Saturday to the Parliament, which will allow the Parliament to start audits on Monday.

Democrat Liberals are negotiating with the Hungarian Democrats with which, together with the Independents and the minorities managed to set up a majority in the Parliament. The paper reads that the Hungarian Democrats claim the Deputy PM position, Communications, Development and Environment ministries.

Cotidianul reads that yesterday's negotiations did not manage to spit a PM. The newspaper reads that the two parties did not even manage to make a step back and compromise.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania marks 20 years of freedom since the Communist revolution: with this occasion, Gandul, together with news television Pro TV, Ziarul Financiar and Romanian news agency Mediafax take its viewers back in time and air the exact events that happened 20 years ago between December 15 to 25.

The stories presented at ProTV reveal that the revolution was not for nothing and that irrespective of the dark interpretations, it was the moment when Romanians tookover the control of their destiny.

Through the stories presented during this period, the news television plans to show what Romanians did with their freedom.

Gandul reads that the government won 500 million euro to the state budget for 2010 after it revised the economic increase from 0.5% to 1.3%. The announcement was made by the interim Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea, quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax. Pogea underlined that the IMF agreed to this estimation.

The economic increase will add the budget another 500 million euro at least, up to 126 billion euro compared to the previous estimation. A higher economic growth will allow the government to lean on higher revenues at the state buget. However, the bad news is that the IMF money will only come in February, probably in the same time with the fourth installment.