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What the newspapers say: January 18, 2010

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Luni, 18 ianuarie 2010, 7:34 English | Press Review

Liberal Radu Stroe secures win against 23 old rich business man Prigoana Jr with 70.07% of the votes for a Parliamentarian mandate. Elsewhere in the news, find out how the investment government plans to use the money in a time of crisis. Last but not least, the first public-private partnership was forged for a 4.7 billion euro project for 55km of highway linking Comarnic to Brasov, cutting across Valea Prahovei, famous for its mountain resorts.

Liberal Radu Stroe secured his win against Prigoana Jr, a 23 old rich businessman who was running for a Parliamentarian mandate, Cotidianul reads. Stroe announced his victory declaring that his victory is the common sense victory against those who thought can do anything.

Stroe thanked the party leaders for his support and reiterated his promises for those living in college 1.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reveals how the new government invests the money in a time of crisis. Economy minister Videanu reads that there are investments started as early as 1976 which the government just fakes to finance.

PM Emil Boc declared last year that the government is a government of investments and its main objective is to save jobs and modernize Romanian infrastructure. Even though Boc announced that he will allocate about 20% of the budget for public investment, it seems that the money will not be directed to any new projects.

The most important investments contains 52 projects whose total value is 2.760 million euro. Of this, only 1.708 euro are about to be allocated from the state budget for 2010 and the rest will come from foreign aid.

Gandul reads that authorities will sign today the first public private partnership in Romania for 55km of highway, linking Comarnic to Brasov cutting across Valea Prahovei, famous for its mountain resorts.

The highway could be finished by 2014, just in time for the next Presidential elections. With a six year delay, the Romanian state manages to sign with a foreign company the construction and administration of a new highway.

The information so far reads that the state will pay off the terrain in the area and an annual sum of 180 million euro in the 26 years of operation and maintenance which totals about 4.7 billion euro.

The ministry assures that this highway, unlike previous attempts will go on smoothly. The project was initially announced in 2004.

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