Most newspapers on Thursday comment on the first steps of the Democrat Liberals to replace the leadership of the National Public Television with someone to sustain President Basescu. Elsewhere in the news, PM Boc found a way to supplement the budget: for 2010 the government plans to cash in about 90 million euro from fines. Romanian Ioan Holender, a counselor to the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the Democrat Liberals are finally making the first steps to change the leadership of the National Television (TVR) as Basescu announced several months ago when the declared he will not enter the institution again.

Current TVR director, Alexandru Sassu will be replaced by either TV man Florin Calinescu or journalist Andreea Pora. Rodica Culcer is favourite for leading the News Department. They are known to support Basescu. The Democrat Liberals made the first steps yesterday when they rejected in the Parliament the 2008 activity report.

To keep appearances of depolitization, Democrat Liberals are considering not to name replacers until the Parliament votes the new organization law of the public television.

In the same vein, Gandul reads that there is still a chance for the 2008 activity report to pass if the Parliament will accept it. For now, the newspaper reads, what is certain is that the activity report received a negative vote in the Culture Committees. The 53.8 million lei deficit, considering that the revenues totaled 567.5 million were used a reason to reject the report.

Cotidianul reveals that the state budget hides in its annexes many surprises for economic agents. One of them refers to revenues from fines. For 2010, according to the budget law, the state is planning to cash in about 90 million euro. Moreover, from the confiscated and sold goods, the state wants another 10 million euro.

An order signed by the Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu reads that financial agents will have a certain number of companies they need to check: 23 companies controlled or 41 individuals in 2009. The number of checks needs to increase each year.

To stimulate agents, Vladescu said that they will receive percents from the fines applied.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romanian Ioan Holender, who, after 19 years of leading the State Opera in Vienna, takes up a new role as counselor to the Metropolitan Oprea in New York. Holender reveals that after such a long, busy career, he feels the need to have less responsibilities and more time for himself.

He reveals that he would never move to the US and that he still has a home in Romania where he goes quite often. Nonetheless, he makes sure to affirm that he does not wish any position in Romania.

Holender declared that he will attempt to continue the Enescu Festival.