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What the newspapers say: March 17, 2010

de A.C.
Miercuri, 17 martie 2010, 8:18 English | Press Review

PM Emil Boc plans to counter the crisis with old measures but new words, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Another newspaper notes three easy steps that would push the country out of the crisis. Elsewhere in the news, the railway system is endangered by the thieves who managed to steal railtracks and other installations worth 2 million euro. On a lighter tone, the first restaurant in the sky will open in Romania in may, which presumes the organization of events on a platform 50 meters above ground.

PM Emil Boc plans to counter the crisis with old measures but new words, Gandul reads. In a debate requested by the Democrat Liberals, Boc made a summary of the government's fight against the crisis. The Parliamentary group struggled all week to organize the debate. However, deputies were not that interested in hearing the Prime Minister, as Boc had to wait about 20 minutes to have a bigger auditorium.

Boc said that the main priorities are social protection and the state's modernization and underlined that even though they might seem contradictory, they are not. He urged people to be balanced, not to request more than one can offer from the economy.

Boc explained that his message is to consolidate what we have and leave aside demagogy. PM Boc started to schetch its general plan to exit the crisis but the solutions put forward are not new. Among the 28 anti crisis measures: high allocations for investments, facilities to hire the laid off and the new social program "the First House".

However, what Boc did not mention are the number of laid off people, state's debts and the number of companies who went bankrupt due to the government's decisions. He did not mention that Romania in 2009 had a 9.5 billion euro public debt nor that we have a foreign loan worth 20 billion euro . PM Boc did not mention the real numbers of those unemployed which is 762.375, a maximum level in the last 6 years.

Romania libera puts forward three easy steps that would push the country out of the crisis. Consumption is the only chance Romania has to register economic growth once more: this became clear once the European economy did not recover very well, which means exports will not recover soon.

Social programs initiated by the government did not score the expected results in Romania, like in other European countries. Experts quoted by the newspaper declared that the main problem is not that Romanians do not have money, but that they do not trust the economy and fear for their future.

Even though the situation seems desperate, there are three simple yet powerful solutions: to give back the 1.5 billion euro the state owns to companies. Second, the National Central Bank could decrease the monetary policy interest rate to stimulate credits. Another measure would be to decreases taxes, like the VAT.

Gandul reveals that last year, there were about 1,300 robbery cases on the railway infrastructure which lead to a loss of about 2.5 million euro. Indirect damages are higher. Thieves took whatever they could carry and think of, including railway tracks.

Company representatives said that most robbery cases endangered traffic safety and caused serious delays. In the last months, authorities registered many railway accidents which lead to a lot of victims and even deaths.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the official inauguration of the first restaurant in the sky in Romania, in May. The company will be represented by Sky Touring and Events. And the opening will be downtown Bucharest. The restaurant will be placed in touristic areads and in big cities depending on the requests, Mediafax reads.

The platform is 50 meters above ground and the maximum capacity is 22 people. The restaurant will have one table only and participants will sit on special chairs, fixed to the ground. The concept is working in 32 European and American cities. 

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