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What the newspapers say: March 23, 2010

de A.C.
Marţi, 23 martie 2010, 7:45 English | Press Review

Most newspapers on Tuesday read about the now famous case involving Social Democratic (PSD) senator Voicu, who is subject of an anti-graft investigation. One newspaper reads about the PSD leaders who have supported Voicu while another newspaper urges, which revealed the transcripts of Voicu's conversations with various politicians, to reveal its sources. Elsewhere in the news, 175,000 teachers sued the state for the implementation of law 221. Last but not least, Dacia managed to decrease Romania's trade deficit in relation with Germany by three times in 2009.

Evenimentul Zilei reads reads about the Social Democratic Party politicians who stood by the side of Social Democrat Catalin Voicu, now involved in a major antigraft investigation, back in 2008 when he wanted a position in the government.

The paper reads that prominent PSD officials Viorel Hrebenciuc and Marian Vanghelie wanted to install Voicu as minister in the new government but other leaders of the party like Victor Ponta, Adrian Nastase or Marian Sarbu refused.

Voicu is also known as "the godfather", and was found suitable by some Social Democratic leaders to lead the Interior ministry.

On the same topic, Cotidianul urges to reveal its sources as they published the transcripts of Voicu's telephone conversations. The paper reads that those transcripts were classified, according to the new law of classified information.

Which is why, the paper reads, those who leaked need to answer on the legality of their move.

Gandul notes that 175,000 teachers of a total of 275,000 have sued the state for the implementation of law 221. As money are barely enough to pay the salaries as they were once, the government promises to pay in installments in the next three years.

The newspaper notes that the government is about to stir up the most serious crisis in Romania's recent history after two thirds of teachers in the country either sued the state or have already won cases. A year since law 221 was passed in the Parliament, 175,000 teachers have demanded their rights in the court.

The scandal broke out this week, when teachers in Buzau took to the streets as they realized that the Education ministry was refusing to offer them increased salaries - after having won the right in court.

Education minister Daniel Funeriu declared for the newspaper that the ministry was attempting to order the system as there were too many categories of teachers who receive either 17% or 30% or even 50% salary increases.

Romania libera reads that the commercial success of Dacia models on the German market in 2009 lead to a decrease by three times of Romania's trade deficit in its relation with Germany. According to data, the commercial deficit with Germany decreased by 67.4%. On the car sector, Romania moved from a 762.8 million euro deficit in 2008 to a plus of 306.4 million euro in 2009.

Dacia exported aggressively to the German market in 2009.

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