Romanian newspapers on Friday discuss the fate of the National Agency for Integrity, a key institution in charge with checking the wealth of public officials. They discuss the intentions of Economy minister Videanu, both hidden and official. They talk about the huge earnings of some public officials. And one paper tells a dramatic story of adoption gone wrong.

Newspaper Adevarul reads that a Constitutional Court decision last week to strip the National Agency for Integrity of some of its main powers amounts to a small a coup d'etat.

The paper describes the arguments put forward by the Constitutional Court on Thursday, explaining its decision to strip the Agency of powers which include that of having wealth statements made public.

And the paper writes that the Constitutional Court has decided to make these wealth statements secret - despite them being a key instrument in the fight against corruption - by breaking the very law that allows this court to function.

Meanwhile, Romania libera reads that in 2009, the year when Romania took a loan from the IMF to be able and pay pensions and salaries, many dignitaries collected positions within state structures, earning tens or even hundreds of thousands of Romanian lei in the process. The paper analyzes the situation and reports that the Ministries of the Economy, of Finance and of Development report the largest number of people holding multiple positions simultaneously, such as ministerial directors who are part of the boards of many state-controlled enterprises.

Newspaper Gandul reports that Economy minister Adriean Videanu has sent a letter to the European Commission requesting an opinion on the intention of Marmosim - a marble producing company that he himself owns - to obtain European funds as part of an operational program that his ministry runs as a management authority.

The same paper publishes an interview with Videanu in which he claims that his wealth is not even getting close to 1 million euro so that rumours claiming it amounted to 200 million euro, making him one of the richest people in the country, were false. "Find me my undeclared wealth and I will donate it", he claims, as quoted in the interview.

Also in the news today, a woman in the Central Romanian city of Deva demands the state to annul her adoption of a child ten years ago as she feels "fooled" by authorities who had declared her daughter healthy despite that she was mentally retarded, Evenimentul Zilei reports. According to the paper, the adoptive mother not only claims that she was fooled, but says that after ten years of caring for the mentally retarded child she no longer has the means to assist her while also caring for her own biological child.

The paper puts the dramatic story in context and reads that small children born with physical or mental disadvantages are not on the list of children potential adoptive parents look for.