All newspapers note how the Parliament voted twice just to pass the draft law of the National Integrity Agency. Elsewhere in the news on Thursday, lustration law has every chance to pass in the Parliament, but who might be affected by it?Another newspaper explains how to destroy thousands of acres of forest and get away with it.

All newspapers on Thursday read about the Parliament's vote for the National Integrity Agency. Cotidianul classifies the vote as chaotic: the first time, the law did not pass as 17 votes were missing. Democrat Liberals forced the rules and obtained a recast of the vote and the second time, the law passed.

Democrat Liberals called for a recast of the vote, accusing a malfunction of the electronic voting system and said that some of his colleagues voted but their vote was not registered. The electronic vote is valid only when it is in accordance with their interests, the newspaper reads.

Consequences for not passing the law would have been serious for some Democrat Liberal leaders. The newspaper implies that there was no malfunction of the electronic system and that another 20 deputies voted the second time, who came out of nowhere, just to assure the law passes.

Elsewhere in the news, most newspapers read about the lustration law, which has every chance to pass in the Parliament. Evenimentul Zilei reads that 20 years since the Revolution, Romania could finally have its own lustration law, after deputies in the judicial Committee passed a normative act.

The new law would affect mostly the Social Democratic Party, which will lose about 30 to 40% of local counselors if implemented. According to Mediafax, PSD leaders analyzed the effects of the law to the party.

The lustration law includes those persons who occupied leadership positions and who were paid in the Communist party structures, of the Securitate or the Communist judicial system. Those targeted by the law will have a 5 year interdiction to elected public seats.

However, the lustration law does not cover the seats in decentralized services or directors in ministers. Democrat Liberals sustained this last rule.

Gandul notes who would be the public figures affected by a lustration law. Among others, former President Ion Iliescu declared that the lustration law is a Stalinist law and that the law comes too late.

PM Emil Boc declared he will sustain the lustration law as he did not hold a seat in the Communist structures. Adrian Paunescu, former director of the Flacara magazine declared he cannot have any reaction.

Romania libera reads about one of controversial businessmen in Transylvania, Vasile Coman, accused of cutting, illegally, thousands of acres of forest from North Romania and has only been sanctioned with small fines which were canceled by judges.

Coman's companies cut thousands of acres in North Romania, with huge profits. The newspaper reveals that his company illegally won a public tender to cut 4,000 acres of forest but at the time, authorities did not do anything.

Local authorities investigated several cases involving Coman's companies, but none had a clear cut end: even though authorities found Coman guilty, nothing happened in the end: his fines were canceled by judges and investigations dissipated.