PM Boc urged each minister to reveal the cost standards for each sector , namely the real cost of the public tenders in each ministry. Elsewhere in the news, the Senate has a full week ahead as the laws that triggered turmoil in politics will be debated. In an interview, Romanian Economy minister Videanu declared that the presence of Russians in strategic sectors is very important. On a lighter tone, Romanian movie Francesca conquered the hearts of the English, as it received the award for the best international debut at the East End Film Festival in London.

PM Emil Boc urged all ministers to present the cost standards for each sector, Gandul reads. In other words, all ministries have to present the correct price of the acquisitions made within the ministry.

The newspaper received, from some ministries a list of these standards, while other ministries obtained just a generous intentions sum which would cancel the high bills like the one paid by a city hall in Vaslui which paid 1 billion lei for one WC.

According to cost standards, a regional emergency hospital with a capacity of 786 places should cost 151.6 million euro. But this is where problems start: if on paper things look clean, in reality, the situation is devastating.

65% of the medical products in Romanian hospitals come from China, Pakistan and Korea, suppliers say. The newspaper reveals many cases in which the families are sent to seek medicines for their loved ones, as the hospital lacks.

President of the Medical Suppliers Association, Mihnea Ioan Grecu said that each month, hospitals decrease the price of the purchases meaning that they decrease the quality of the products bought.

Cotidianul gives a heads up about the week to come: the Senate is about to debate this week all laws that triggered turmoil on the political scene line the pensions law, the National Integrity Agency law, the Education and Lustration laws.

Tomorrow, the government has to face a simple motion submitted by the Opposition on military pensions. Plus, Senators will continue debates on the pensions law. The Opposition plans to increase the pension point from 39% to 45% even though the government opposes. However, it seems that some Democrat Liberal parliamentarians are approving the increase.

On the agenda, there's the National Integrity Agency law as well. The law needs to be adopted next week when the 10 day deadline imposed by the President expires. Deputies will debate the Education law and the Lustration law.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania Libera, in an interview with Economy minister Adriean Videanu quotes him saying that the presence of the Russians in the energy sector is very important.

Videanu plays the role of the relaxed politician. Videanu underlined that for Romania, Nabucco remains the main project but that our country expects the feasibility studies which the Russian party are currently making for the South Stream project.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the new award received by the Romanian movie Francesca, directed by Bobby Paunescu. The movie conquered the hearts of the English and received the best international debut award at the East End Film Festival in London.

The movie won against nine other productions from France, Poland or Hungary.