PM Boc will pay up if he will fail to endorse the reforms agreed with the IMF, one newspaper reads on Friday. President Basescu continues to assure that PM Boc will not be dismissed. Moreover, he assures that pensions will increase by the end of the year. Another newspaper made up a top of the institutions that offer the most bonuses. Last but not least, in times of crises, massive lay offs and salary and pension cuts, President Basescu pays 50,000 euro to golden up a Church.

PM Boc will pay if he fails to implement the program scheduled with the IMF, Evenimentul Zilei reads. However, President Basescu insisted that a change in government - a subject in the media in the last weeks - is not an option.

The last thing Romania needs right now is a political crisis, on top of the economic one, Basescu declared. The newspaper reads that it is for the second time when President Basescu explains the silence of the Prime Minister.

Basescu said that he is a player, after all, and whenever there are hard decisions to be made, he is there to find solutions. Moreover, Basescu commented on the recently approved law regulating the National Integrity Agency. He underlined that he will not pass the law if there were excesses to diminish the capacity of the agency to do its job.

Gandul notes that the President explained in a press conference, the austerity measures negotiated with the IMF. Basescu said that pensions might be cut only until the end of the year and gave a hope to those who are angry.

Moreover, he suggested that the next IMF installment might not get on time because the measures might not be taken when needed and this might delay the payment.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads that over 1.1 billion lei, the equivalent of 262 million euro, entered the pockets of 336.648 budgetary personnel as bonuses, a Finance ministry document, obtained by the Romanian news agency Mediafax reads. The Finance ministry has the biggest bonus fund, while on second, the Labour ministry is found with 213.2 million lei.

The Environment ministry offered 13.99 million lei in bonuses. Other institutions who offered plenty of bonuses are the Health ministry with 3.8 million lei, Government's Secretariat General with 2.7 million lei, Court of Accounts with 989.327 lei.

The newspaper reads that most bonuses when to those whose salaries were considerable.

Cotidianul reads that in times of massive lay offs and salary cuts, President Basescu decided to spend 50,000 euro to golden up the Church in the Cotroceni Palace. The 50,000 euro add up to the other 1,000,000 euro spent in 2009 from the public budget to rebuild the church within the Cotroceni Palace.

The same budget supplied by Romanian citizens through taxes, the newspaper reads. The Church was previously built in 2004 by former president Ion Iliescu.