"It's either a new PDL Government or early elections". Elsewhere in the news, state authorities cut the pensions of future seniors as well. Last but not least, a group of Romanian seniors touring around Europe were robbed in Paris and left without transportation and luggage in Brussels.

"It's either a new PDL Government, or early elections", PSD president Victor Ponta said, quoted by Adevarul. Ponta claims PDL needs to form another Government, should PM Emil Boc be dismissed. The social democrats want the liberal-democrats to form another Government and name another PM if the censorship motion will be passed by the Parliament.

An alternative to another PDL government would be early elections, he states. According to him, PSD already gave u Klaus Johannis, the man they were supporting for the last elections, although ex-leader Mircea Geoana says it may still be a valid option. Even Johannis himself stopped believing in the idea of a technocrat cabinet, saying the issues are so dramatic that they need politicians to sort them out.

Ponta believes there is no need to negotiate with the liberals anymore, because they share the same position, namely the end of the Boc Cabinet. But liberals claim they don't want to see the current ruling party forming another government. They would like to negotiate with PSD. The early elections idea is starting to grow in popularity among some politicians. "Better a month of elections than another month of PDL governing", Ponta concluded.

State authorities cut the pensions of future seniors as well, Evenimentul Zilei reads. Businesspeople say the Finance Ministry announced the intention to cut the contribution to compulsory private pensions from 2.5% to 0.5% of the gross income, but without cutting 15% of the current pensions.

According to the Romanian Patronages Confederation Alliance (ACPR) spokesman Dan Matei Agathon, "this decision represents a nationalisation of private pensions which pawns the future of those who are around 30 years of age today". ING Pension Fund president Cornelia Coman declared that such a decision can only sacrifice the new generation of seniors, helping the social insurances contributions support the current pensioners. The impact on the insurances' budget in 2010 is not big, she said.

She believes that only a strike of the five million participants in the second Pier might convince politicians to drop the decision. There were over five million people contributing to the private pensions' second pier in April 2010. 61% are below 35 years old. The total actives of the compulsory private pensions' funds amounted to 762 million euros.

A group of seniors from Vrancea (East Romania) were robbed in Paris and left without transportation and luggage in Brussels, Gandul informs. 40 seniors were touring aound Europe, coordinated by their county Red Cross branch. Their bus was stolen from the hotel parking on Tuesday morning. A day prior to the event, three of then had been robbed and aggressed in Paris.

According to Mediafax, Red Cross Vrancea manager Rodica Davidean, also on holiday with the group, has informed the police in France and Belgium, respectively, and the Romanian Embassy officials in the two states on the misfortunes. The three robbed seniors were left without IDs and money and one of them needed medical care. She was sent to Romania with the aid of the Consulate.

Red Cross Vrancea said she hoped the Romanian Consulate will help them get to Berlin, where the transport company from Romania will make sure they get home. The total financial damage revolves around 250,000 euros. The bus did not have CASCO insurance because the transport company could not afford to buy it. Owner of the Lăudat SRL Daniel Lăudat said he had to guarantee with his house for the loan that allowed him to buy the bus. In the case the car is not found, it could get desperate for him.

The normal programme will carry on and the seniors will get to see Amsterdam as well. The company's owner rented a bus that it will transport the seniors to The Netherlands, so that the group can follow the tour they paid for. The trip started on May 9 and was due to take two weeks, when the seniors would see Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. The slogan of the tour was "Paris, a dream that may come true".