The Romanian press reads on the meeting between the Romanian President and (his) governing party PDL in Snagov, to talk about a possible reshuffle of the Boc Cabinet and the enforcement of the austerity measures. Elsewhere in the news, the new austerity taxes invented by those in power are listed. Last but not least, Romania’s tourism brand is to be launched at the end of this week.

Adevarul focuses on the main governing party PDL meeting is Snagov with President Traian Basescu and PM Emil Boc. The reshuffle has been postponed until September and stressed the spending and staff cuts in the public sector. The Government has got 60 days to enforce the austerity measures, or else targeted ministers will be reshuffled.

Evenimentul Zilei stresses that the President asked PDL members to support the party unconditionally. Interior minister Vlasile Blaga and Economy minister Adriean Videanu were told off for the "disaster in the Bucharest organisation", while Transport minister Radu Berceanu was ordered to stop complaining and sack the "incompetents" that fail to attract European money.

Romania Libera reads on the austerity taxes invented by the Romanian Government: meal tickets, bonus tickets, holiday tickets and nursery tickets will be taxed, just as compensatory payments will. Any interest rate will be taxed 16%. The expansion of taxes is now to affect copyrights, too. 25% is the state's share for gambling gains. Owners of several unrented properties are forced to pay a solidarity tax - the sum ranges between 50% and 200% of the annual tax on property.

Gandul informs that Romania's new tourism brand is to be launched in Bucharest. It will focus around the wild nature, untouched by civilisation. The slogan is said to refer to the Carpathian Mountains. Minister Udrea mentioned last month it will not target the seaside. European companies HR - Asesores en Turismo, Hoteleria y Recreacion SA - Taylor Nelson Sofres carried out a study in eight countries which could supply Romania with tourists - Austria, France, Germany, Italia, Hungary, Russia, Great Britain and the US. Interviewees seem interested in the Carpathians and rural areas, cultural and historic sites and ways of living. The brand will be released in Bucharest at the end of this week. ​