Europe pressures Romania to give up to the Republic of Moldova, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Elsewhere in the news, which destination is more attractive for tourists: the Romanian or Bulgarian seaside? Last but not least, investigations of the presumed suicide of Romanian artist Madalina Manole reveal that she used a toxic pesticide, Furadan to take her life.

Last week, Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi opened two consulates in Moldova, at Balti and Cahul and presented them as EU postmarks in Eastern Europe. However, Romania Libera reads that EU partners are worried and dissatisfied with the idea to offer Romanian citizenship for Moldovans.

President Basescu announced in the Parliament Romania's decision to simplify procedures for Moldovans to receive Romanian passport, as a reaction of the Moldovan authorities to crush anti-communist protests in Moldova.

So far, Romania offered about 100,000 passports and it proposes to offer maximum 10,000 passports/year. In May 2009 European diplomats commented the decision of the Romanians as destabilizing and a threat to the Eastern Partnership, about to be launched at the time.

According to the official arguments, a mass offering of the Romanian citizenshop for 1 million Moldovans risks to generate a flood of cheap labor force on Western markets. Der Spiegel published an article a couple of days ago, accusing Basescu of wishing to increase Romania's population and accuses Romania for expanding the EU through the back door.

Elsewhere in the news, tourists who have not decided where to leave for holidays, can opt between the Romanian and Bulgarian seasides, Evenimentul Zilei reads. The competition between the two is one more active as thousands of tourists choose the Bulgarians for their competitive prices and conditions offered.

Still others do not understand why would travel further just to have the same water and similar beaches. In 2010, tourists dropped considerably due to the crisis. This time, unlike other years, Romanians decreased prices as well.

For example a 4 star hotel in the main seaside resort in Romania, Mamaia, a five day pack with all meals included costs 1.150 lei/person while in Bulgaria, a similar hotel but with all inclusive requests 982 lei/person.

However, tour operators admit that the quality of service differs considerably.

Last but not least, investigators reveal the reasons for which Romanian artist Madalina Manole chose to take her life, despite her lovely family and one year old baby. Gandul reconstructs the last 24 hours in the life of the artist.

Nothing would have predicted the intentions of the artist as everything was normal, according to her family. Investigators revealed that they found a bottle of pesticide in her house, from which the artist drunk. Furadan, the toxic substance is one of the most toxic produced by humans.