One newspaper investigates how fiscal evasion is the word of the day in agriculture despite the government's zero tolerance. Elsewhere in the news, two foreign companies plan to develop an eolian park in the same area, for which they have divergences. One company is favored by Economy minister Videanu, one newspaper reads on Thursday. Last but not least, Romanians entered the high hicking trend in Western Europe.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that while the government rests in their Bucharest offices, fiscal evasion is the word of the day in agriculture for example. In an investigation in the this sector, the newspaper reads that innofensive countryside people determine a 1 billion euro gap in the budget.

The wheat production, of 5-6 million tons this year are double than the internal consumption needs and evasion, the newspaper reads, expands from the wheat to the sold bread and evaluated at about 80%. The tentation is even higher now that the VAT increased to 24%, Aurel Popescu, an official from the industry declared.

Nearby Bucharest, in Vidra, the newspaper finds two wheat traders who offer wheat without an invoice as they make in the high season an average of 60,000 euro if business thrives.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads about a conflict between two foreign companies who plan to set up in the same place an eolian park in Constanta, South East Romania. The newspaper reveals that one of the companies is supported by Economy minister Adriean Videanu and the paper presents a note written by the minister himself.

Romania's Economy minister sent a mayor an official address asking him to intervene for an investor in a several million euro business. Videanu said that he intervened because the situation got complicated as the Embassies of the two countries, Czech and Spain intervened as well.

A recent incident on Monday involved give locals who were shot with rubber bullets by a security company employee during a fight on the exploitation of windmills in Cogealac, nearby Constanta. The economic battle between the two foreign companies split the people in two camps.

At stake in this dispute are hundreds of millions of euro and both companies, CEZ and Eolica Dobrogea have construction authorizations: CEZ from the city hall and Eolica from the Constanta County Council. In response, Economy Minister Videanu wrote to the newspaper saying that he does not intervene for one company or the other and that he did not talk with the local mayor to favour one company over the other.

Last but not least, Romania entered the hichhicking trend in Europe, Romania libera reads. Today, it is fairly easy to travel with few money or even free: there's an internet site for hich hikers and one just has to seek other people that take the same road as you do and off you go.

However, there are also professional hich hikers who know exactly where to hich hike across Europe to be able to get a ride sooner than later. A Romanian, Florin made a lifestyle out of hich hiking and now he only uses this means of transport. He says he made 130,000 km across Europe.