Most newspapers on Thursday read about President Basescu's comments related to the IMF conclusions after their evaluation visit in Bucharest. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads about the evolution of the rich who made billions in the early '90 when in Romania.

Most newspapers on Thursday read about President Basescu's comments concerning the conclusions presented by the IMF evaluation mission on Wednesday. Gandul reads that Basescu talked about his health and the relation with the government and the IMF.

Basescu underlined that on September 1st, he will conduct a serious analysis of the government and the governing party and suggested that this will be the possible date of a reshuffle. The newspaper presents Basescu's most important declaration during the talk show.

The newspaper reads that Basescu took the opportunity to criticize media moguls and businessmen who want to take their businesses in other countries. Related to corruption, he underlined that Romania without the National Integrity Agency, the agency investing the wealth of politicians will not be allowed in Schengen.

He explained that authorities need to set up a credible Agency, in order to gain credibility at the EU level as well.

In the same vein, Evenimentul zilei focuses on the President's comments on the IMF's evaluation mission. Basescu declared that the most important message sent by the IMF and the EC delegation was that Romania respected its commitments.

However, he commented that if the government will not manage to implement the austerity measures, Romania will continue to get loans to pay up salaries and pensions. Regarding the restructuring of the budgetary system, Basescu urged ministers to lay off those who are not performing.

Currently, Basescu said, there are normative acts seeing the lay off of 74,000 budgetary but still it is not enough. The IMF can say what it wants, but we need to have a flexible budgetary system.

Elsewhere in the news, Romania libera analyzes the evolution of those who made billions in Romania, in the early 1990s when anything was possible and doable. The newspaper reveals that many, since then, faced problems with the law and their wealth disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

One example is an exotic apparition, Ilie Alexandru, who build a ranch in Slobozia similar like the famous ranch from the Dallas show and besides local politicians, he even had the famous Larry Hagman, the actor who interpreted JR in the show in a visit.

During the years, he got involved in many businesses and back in 1997, he had hundreds of millions of dollars but he was arrested in the same year for two years. When he wanted to get into business again, he was arrested for forgery and sentenced for 10 years. He was released in 2009 and his fortune is gone.

Another figure was Ion Stoica, known for the pyramid like game he set up, Caritas - he promised participants sums eight times higher than those submitted in the game. However, in a couple of years, the game crashed and Stoica was sentenced to several months in prison.

Now, he is nowhere to be found and rumors say he lives in Brasov, earning a minimum pension. The newspaper goes on in offering tens of examples, of businessmen who got very rich during the early transition periods and who now lost their fortunes.