All newspapers today read about the espionage scandal in Moscow, involving a Romanian dilomat. Elsewhere in the news, an explosion at Giulesti maternity, in Bucharest, injures seven and kills four babies. On a lighter tone, a Romanian in the US got a 700 dollar telephone bill after he pushed the wrong number.

All newspapers on Tuesday read about the espionage case in Moscow, involving Romanian diplomat Gabriel Grecu who was declared persona non grata and is compelled to leave Russia in 48 hours. Gabriel Grecu, secretary I at the Romanian Embassy to Moscow was detained on Monday by Russian authorities for espionage, Romania libera reads.

According to RIA Novosti, quoting a press release of the Russia secret service, FSP, Grecu was found with objects specific to spies, which, according to them, confirms his actions. The same source reads that he was arrested while he was trying to receive information of military nature from a Russian citizen.

The Russian press claims that Gabriel Grecu is an undercover of the Romanian secret services.Diplomatic sources claim that Russia's gesture marks, in this way, its ostility towards Romania.

An explosion at Giulesti Maternity, in Bucharest, caused the death of four newly born and severe injuries for another eight, Gandul reads. Of these, three babies were not able to be identified, as their ID burnt in the explosion.The surviving chances of the remaining babies are minimal and the event, according to doctors is unprecedented Health state secretary Raed Arafat declared for the newspaper.

He said that they will conduct a DNA test on the three unknown babies to establish their identity.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about Alin F, a Romanian in USA, who, instead of paying 3 cents/minute ended up paying 3 dollars/minute just because he pushed a wrong button. Thus, at the end of the month, his telephone bill amounted to 700 dollars because of this mistake.

The newspaper reads that the Romanian was trying to take advantage of an offer to talk cheap in Romania, but instead of using the network offering the good prices, he ended up using his regular carrier. His carrier, AT&T agreed to reduce his bill to 150 dollars after the Romanian explained the mistake.