Most newspapers on Wednesday read that the Finance ministry made 500,000 people queue to three different authorities to pay their dues to the state but authorities have no idea how to implement the norms. In the same vein, PM Boc declared that he has no knowledge of such information when journalists prompted to explain the chaos at institutions. Last but not least, a Communist newspaper from Beijing criticizes the difference between discourse and action regarding human rights in Western countries.

Most newspapers on Wednesday read about the 1 million Romanians who have to declare their revenues and pay their dues for pensions, health and labor agency, according to the latest methodological norms signed by Finance and Health ministry.

Evenimentul Zilei estimates that about 1 million peope are directly affected by the latest norms adopted by the government. In an attempt to increase revenues to the state, the Finance ministry decided to requalify part of the revenues considered independent as dependent.

The government published a set of norms to explain certain aspects of what was still confusing in the ordinance. Most revenues - except those from rents, gambling, agriculture, investment - are now revenues of professinal nature.

In otherwords, this means that those who receive such revenues need to pay contributions to the pensions, health and unemployment budget.

In this vein, Gandul reads that the Prime Minister did not hear of the chaos at public institutions after he made 500,000 people queue. The newspaper reads that PM Boc declared that the situation was not confirmed and it is only a supposition that people were queing to pay their contributions to the state.

The officials published very late the forms to fill up or the accounts to pay the dues. Unclear rules and different rules to submit declarations for individual contributions to unemployment, pensions and health budgets created chaos to some institutions.

Gandul quotes a Communist newspaper in Beijing that criticizes the difference between discourse and action regarding human rights in Western countries. The recent scandal that broke in France exceeded Europe's borders because the actions of the French government triggered criticism from the Chinese press and compassion for this minority from billionare George Soros.

One of the official publications of the Chinese Communist Party, the People's Newspaper reads that the decision taken by France to expel gypsies affects the country's image.

The daily reads that President Sarkozy plays the security card for the 2012 elections and reminds that gypsies have been suffering for a while now of discrimination due to their lifestyle and poverty.

So far, the way European countries saw fit to deal with the problem reflect the difference between discourse and action regarding human rights in Western countries, the newspaper reads. Not once, China was the object of criticism regarding human rights and the criticism came mostly from France.

American billionaire George Soros wrote, in an article for the Scottish newspaper the Scotsman that the actions of the French government discriminate against gypsies and are a stain to the European conscience.