Most newspapers on Wednesday read about the Prime Minister's search of solutions to please both the government and the President. Elsewhere in the news, measures to monitor and counter the West Nile virus are still awaited. Last but not least, Romanians discovered a new dinosaur species which they named Bondoc.

Most newspapers on Wednesday read about the Prime Minister's struggle to find a solution that would please both the Presidency and the party leaders. Gandul reads that the executive chief conducted a visit at the Presidency together with some leaders of the Democrat Liberal Party.

According to sources, the talks were related to a re-shuffle of the government but no names were put forward. The talks were mainly related to procedures: when and how PM Boc to take the decision to re-shuffle the government, whether to come to the Parliament with a list of changes or to listen to Senators and Deputies and afterwards to take a decision.

At the level of the party, leaders knew that Basescu expressed his preference to change more ministers but did not impose anything. The names put forward for change are: Seitan from the Labour ministry, Sandu from Communications, Mihai Dumitru from Agriculture and Vladescu from Finances.

PM Boc is expected to take a decision tomorrow afternoon before the reunion of the government with Parliamentary groups.

Romania libera were warned about the West Nile infection possibility but measures still lack. While cases mushroom, the Bucharest city hall did not end the contract with the company that deals with countering mosquitoes in Bucharest, at very high prices - about 28 times higher than the same services in Budapest.

Under the threat of the virus, the Health ministry warns the population to wear long sleeve clothes and protect their windows with anti-mosquito nets. However, institutions could have prevented this situation altogether.

Most contracts with companies in charge with anti-mosquito substances, across the country, are very close to local mayors, the newspaper reads. The paper reads that the number of West Nile infections increased yesterday rapidly, compared to the initial toll of seven cases and two deaths. Compared to last year, when the virus was not present, climate changed and favored the spread of infected mosquitoes.

Last but not least, Romania libera reads that Romanian and American paleontologists discovered nearby Sebes new remains of a dinosaur species that looks like a dragon and lived in Romania about 80 million years and it could be one of the biggest predators from Europe.

Even if the species was not higher than a turkey, it was a predator. The Bondoc dinosaur, like it was named, reached on the table of researchers a decade ago when a strange skeleton was found in Central Romania, in Transilvania.

However, at the time, nobody suspected that Romania would enter the history of paleontology with a new unknown species. The research of the skeleton remains was lead by Zoltan Csiki, a paleontologist from Bucharest University together with Matyas Vremis, geologist at the Museums Society from Transilvania, who initially found the skeleton.