Social contributions paid by those with copyright contracts and civil conventions will have to pay just 16.5% instead of 35%, as the government planned, one newspaper reads on Wednesday. Elsewhere in the news, the new initiative to legalize prostitution finds no supporters in the Parliament. Last but not least, the Black Sea transforms itself in a grave.

The government changes its mind: copyright contract owners will not be taxed supplementary, Gandul reads quoting the project set up to modify the emergency ordinance regulating these issues.

There are also some modifications: companies will have to submit declarations instead of individuals themselves and they will also be compelled to pay contributions directly. In less than a week, contributions were increased from 16.5% to 35%, according to a document published by the government's general secretariat.

But politicians changed their minds and contributions will remain at 16.5%. In the document obtained by Gandul, the project reads that the obligation to pay individual contributions is transferred from employees to employers.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that the new legislative initiative of Deputy Silviu Prigoana to legalize prostitution does not have any supporters among Parliamentarians. The initiative to transform prostitutes in authorized personnel and brothels in commercial companies with open tariffs is not sustained by the Democrat Liberal Party, a party which Prigoana joined yesterday.

Leader of the Democrat Liberal Deputies, Mircea Toader declared that the initiative was not present in the group. Other Parliamentary groups were not too eager to hear about the initiative, the newspaper reads. However, Prigoana does not seem affected by the position adopted by his fellow colleagues. He told the press that he does not need political support and that Parliamentarians will decide whether to pass it or not.

Romania libera reads that more and more marine creatures were found dead in the Black Sea. Experts say the main causes are the high temperatures of the sea, the desalinization phenomenon and pollution.

Experts declared that another worrying phenomenon is that they also found dead mussels nearby Mamaia seaside resort. Dr. Simion Nicolaev, general director of the National Marine Research - Development Institute told the press that it is for the first time when the death of mussels was found as deep as 10-12 meters.

If pollution can be countered, the desalinization of water and the increased temperatures of the water cannot be stopped. At the end of July, the sea shore was invaded by thousands of dead fish.

After investigations, experts concluded that the high temperatures of the water lead to the massive death of the fish. The sea water boiled at 30 degrees Celsius this summer.