All newspapers read about media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu's arrest. One paper reads about the secrets in his file. Another comments that the Realitatea news television, owned by the mogul works hard without him. Last but not least, find out with whom does he share his cell and who were cell mates of famous businessman arrested so far like football owner Gigi Becali, Voicu, Diaconescu or Patriciu.

Romania libera wonders why the businessman and media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu risked naming names on the telephone even though he knew he was being followed by authorities. In Jakarta, Indonesia, a security officer chosen by Vantu monitored Nicolae Popa, to make sure that he did not do jail as he can testify in two important cases where Vantu is also involved.

Who is “the general” who made sure that Nicolae is safe and who is ”the chief” who, for 6 million euro could keep Nicolae from being repatriated. These are two of the most important questions that raise the transcripts of the phone conversations.

According to sources, the general, is a former Securitate officer chosen by Vantu to make sure Popa is protected where he goes. However, prosecutors refused to name the general. It seems that this general was very important to Vantu as he paid him monthly.

The scope was to keep Popa from being found and from turning himself in, like Maria Vlas. Vlas claimed that Vantu was the initiator, coordinator and beneficiary of the 3,000 billion old Romanian lei taken through companies like FNI and FNA that tricked many people and left thousands of hundreds without revenues.

At the time, Vantu escaped prison because Popa escaped the country and Vlas's declarations against him were not enough. One serious reason to be concerned whether Popa is protected is that in five years, the file would have been prescribed and Vantu could avoid any charges.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that Realitatea, the news television owned by the media mogul works tough without him. Employees fear that they will not receive their salaries and prosecutors have proof that he financed the TV through intermediaries.

The salaries were delayed several times and it could be delayed in the future irrespective if Vantu will stay in arrest or not, President of the Administration Council Sorin Freciu dclared.

Freciu denied any implication of businessman Vantu in the financial problems of the news television. The declared that the news television depends on the evolution of the publicity market.

However, until last year, Vantu sustained financially the company through intermediaries which is clearly stated by prosecutors. Sources claim that Vantu financed the media trust until June 2009. When he gave up some of the financing, problems arose.

Last but not least, Vantu shares a cell with two police officers who took bribes, Gandul reads. Vantu shares a 16 square meter cell with two police officers who were caught accepting bribes and who are waiting for the trial.

Sources told the newspaper that Vantu's cell has a window and he is entitled to receive packages from home including water, juices and fruits. The food can be stored in a refrigerator in a hallway.

Football club owner Gigi Becali shared a cell with three other mates, arrested for drug trafficking. Another media mogul Dan Diaconescu declared that his mates gave him the best mattress and walked silently while he slept, not to wake him up.