Even the Finance ministry sued the ministry to receive bonuses during his career as financial director, which brings a new light in the ministry protests. Media mogul and influent businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was indicted, together with two other accomplices, his driver Alex Stoian and a businessman for favoring fugitive Nicolae Popa. Tourism in the Danube Delta, modernized with EU funds.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the indictment of businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, his driver Alex Stoian and businessman Octavian Turcan. The newspaper points that both Vantu and Stoian talked to fugitive Nicolae Popa even after the latter was arrested in Indonesia, despite the rules of investigators.

The only one to escape the justice will be the fugitive's brother, Virgil Popa who was not accused of favoring the fugitive and will be accused for lying to investigators. Investigators declared for the newspaper that if Vantu is not sentenced this year, the new Penal Code, which is expected to be enforced next year, rules that such deeds should be punished by suspension or penal fine.

The paper reads that Vantu's driver, Alex Stoian was the one who kept talking with fugitive Nicolae Popa after the latter was arrested in Jakarta and telephone conversations released by prosecutors reveal it.

Gandul reveals on Friday that just a couple of years ago, Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu then a financial director in Brasov, central Romania, also sued the ministry for not receiving bonuses.

When prompted on the matter, Ialomitianu admitted and explained that he sued the ministry in 2007 for some bonuses, together with about 100 colleagues. However, he said that he did not receive them because he failed to show up in court to defend his action.

Nonetheless, Ialomitianu admitted that he cashed in in 2007 and 2008 bonuses worth about 100,000 RON for the results registered by the financial department in Brasov that was classed on the second place in the country in 2007 and on the third place in 2008.

Romania libera reads that tourism in the Danube Delta changed its appearance as more and more people involved in tourism attracted EU funds to modernize their houses for tourism. Local authorities declared for the newspaper that locals managed to set up over 400 projects and there are many who already used the funds.

The newspaper reads about a businessman who plans to build a luxury tourist resort at Murighiol and who obtained 2.5 million euro from EU funds. On top of these, he will invest more than half in the resort.

The resort, on 5 acres of land will be the biggest in the area, the owner brags. Money is also used for fishing, as there are locals who use EU money to cater for the fish and tourism in the same time.