All newspapers today read about the transcripts from businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu's file, that reveal talks with politicians and journalists. Even though these transcripts are not related to the accusations against Vantu, prosecutors claim that they characterize the accused. The heir of the British crown, Prince Charles, promotes Transylvania.

All newspapers read on Tuesday about the transcripts in the file indicting Sorin Ovidiu Vantu for favoring fugitive Nicolae Popa to flee from justice. The transcripts reveal not only that Vantu had important political influence, but that he controlled the editorial content of the media trust he owns, Realitatea Catavencu.

Gandul reads that prosecutors added these transcripts to characterize the accused and his mode of operation even though they have nothing to do with the accusations raised. Transcripts reveal discussions with various persons, especially journalists and politicians.

Judicial sources declared that the law sees that all transcripts of wiretappings need to be kept. However, prosecutors declared for the newspapers that they have many other transcripts in which Vantu talks with politicians and sets political strategies.

Romania libera reads about a conversation Vantu had with Libera Dan Radu Rusanu, which the newspaper identified, one hour before voting sections closed at the Presidential elections in 2009.

At that moment, Vantu was sure that Basescu lost the elections and he talked with Rusanu about how ministries will be shared and where Vantu could send his own people. However, when contacted by the newspaper, Rusanu denies having such a conversation with Vantu but admits that his number was in the transcripts.

According to a list published by the newspaper, Vantu had conversations with politicians from all political parties. The most important are: Liberal President Crin Antonescu, former PSD PM Adrian Nastase, former PSD leader Mircea Geoana and others.

Romania libera reads that the heir of the British crown promotes Transylvania in a video message and urges people to save the unique world heritage. A series of events on Transylvania will be organized by Romania's Embassy to Washington DC, as part of a program to promote the national patrimony.

The events will be launched with Prince Charles's message, who is well aware of the situation of Transylvania. He was involved in the rehabilitation of many houses and attempted to convince those who stay there to maintain the traditions and their unique style.