The recent murder of the Romanian in a subway station in Italy, after being hit by an Italian changed the way Romanians are perceived in Italy. Medical examiners concluded that former Communist leaders, the Ceausescu's are buried at Ghencea Civil cemetery, ending suspicions. Romanians consume fast food worth over 2 billion euro a year.

The recent murder of Romanian Maricica Hahaianu in a subway station in Italy by an Italian for no obvious reason changed the way Romanians are perceived Italian Parliamentarian Luca Volonte declared in an interview for Evenimentul Zilei. The Italian Parliamentarian declared that Romanians started to matter for Italian politicians as well.

Romanians can become a chance for Italy to develop further, he said. Volonte added that the images shot in the subway, portraying an Italian man killing a Romanian woman changed the feelings of the Italians towards Romanians. In Italy, the parliamentarian said, the number of Italian felons is a lot higher than the number of Romanian felons.

Elsewhere in the news, medical examiners stop suspicions and rumors that the former Communist family, the Ceausescu's are not buried at the Ghencea cemetery. Weeks ago, the heirs of the Ceausescu's exhumed their remains to determine the truth.

The heirs declared that they will sue the state if it turns out they are not buried there, Valentin Ceausescu declared when the remains were exhumed.

Romanians spend annually about 2 billion euro on fast food products according to market estimates of which the famous shaorma occupies 10% of total sales, Gandul reads. In the same time, in one year, Romanians pay about 270- 300 million euro on fitness gyms.

KFC Romania, controlled by the businessman Puiu Popoviciu exceeded 24 million euro in the first six months according to official data. A simple calculus reveals that Romanians bought, per day, KFC products worth 131,000 euro. Revenues of the employees decreased and the price of products remained at their 2008 level.

However, the owner should be more than satisfied if the numbers are the same for the last six months of the year. McDonald's has daily sales of over 4,600 euro registered in 60 units across Romania.