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What the newspapers say: December 23, 2010 

de A.C.
Joi, 23 decembrie 2010, 10:31 English | Press Review

On the verge of a new year, everybody wonders what to expect for the year to come. There are some heads up not only in terms of economic perspectives but also politically, as joining Schengen in March 2011 does not seem possible at the time. Another newspaper still focuses on past events, reading about the life of the bomber's father in law, his life in Romania and his opinion on his son in law's decisions. 

Romania libera reads that the government expects 1.6 billion euro from the IMF in January and committed to freeze pensions and unemployment aid, lay off more personnel and impose austerity measures in the health system. 

The supplementary intent letter approved by the government on Tuesday sees decreases for public spending, supplementary lay offs. The perspectives expected by the business environment like cutting costs with social insurances have minimum chances to be implemented. 

The the budgetary sector, about 15,000 people will be laid off to maintain budgetary spending. The 13th salary will not be offered, nor will bonuses and pensions will be frozen. In the Health sector, the government reads that in 2011 the number of hospitalizations will drop by 10% compared to 2010. 

Gandul reads that the request of the French and Germans to postpone Romania's joining Schengen stirs up different reactions from Bucharest officials. Presidential counselor Leonard Orban considers that Romania might have to wait another one or two years to join. 

In his opinion, Romanian authorities have to do whatever they can and continue their plans to join Schengen in March 2011 but in the same time they have to be realistic about the chances. 

Romania's Foreign Affairs minister Teodor Baconschi said that the opposition of the two European officials was based on the problems with the Rroma community and the corruption in Romania. 

Baconschi said in Schengen what is important is the safety of the citizens and for him, Romania is ready to join. He explained that the tests conducted on this matter proved that everything works perfect. The Foreign Affairs official said that each state has its own problems.

In the same vein, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the reaction of the Bulgarians on the declarations of the two European officials. Officials at Sofia were moderate in their replies. Just like in the case of the expulsion of Bulgarian origin Rroma from France, Bulgarian PM avoided a decisive position on the matter. 

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about the life of the bomber's father in law in Romania. Ali Abdul Zahr Thwany graduated the Bucharest Architecture Institute and received a Phd from the same Institute in 1999.
In a letter released last week by the Swedish press, Ali Abdul Zahr Thwany, the father of the bomber's wife distanced his family from the acts of his son in law. He wrote that no one in the family knew about his plans and did not see any change in his usual behavior. 

The letter reads that they are not sad, or upset because of his death. He writes that his daughter Mona was deceived to leave with him and that his death is the freedom of his daughter. 

The letter reads that his actions deny the openness of Sweden to them, a country that offered them more than any other Arab world would have offered.

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