​The best paid Romanian tennis players this year are short-listed by a newspaper on Monday. Elsewhere in the news, Romania's exports are made by foreign companies. A Romanian was found decapitated in South Italy.

Gandul reads about the best paid Romanian tennis players this year. Of them, 21 year old Alexandra Dulgheru registered the biggest wins this year, 519,762 dollars. She ended the year on 29 WTA compared to 51 WTA in 2009.

Dulgheru is the best classed Romanian in the top. Edina Gallovits is the second best player in Romania, on 76 WTA. She won 177,627 dollars from awards and the best performances were seen at the Acapulco semifinals where she lost to the American Venus Williams.

Monica Niculescu ended on 82 WTA compared to 101 WTA in 2009. She won 251,188 dollars in 2010 but her best performances were in double games, where she managed to reach the Hobart finals, together with Yung Jan Chan from Taiwan and the finals at Prague, with Hungarian Agnes Szavay.

These results classed her 30 WTA for doubles, and is the best classed Romanian in this hierarchy.

The great disappointments of the year are Sorana Cirstea and Ioana Raluca Olaru. Cirstea managed to reach 23 WTA in 2009 but she dropped to 46 WTA at the end of 2009 and by 93 WTA this year.

Raluca Olaru had a bad year, dropping from 73 WTA to 182 WTA in 2010. In 2010 she won 143,052 dollars.

For men, Romaian Victor Hanescu won this year 495,674 dollars. He won the most in his career totalling 2,775,387 dollars. Ager 29, Hanescu ended the year on 51 ATP.

Evenimentul Zilei reads that a 52 year old Romanian, working at a farm nearby Foggia was found decapitated. The head of the man was found 1 km away from his body. After the investigations, it turns out that the Romanian was the victim of a crime or of a weird accident.

It is also possible that he was attacked by a dog, and his head decapitated by the lace of the dog.

Romania's exports are made almost entirely by foreign companies, Romania libera reads. After the first ten months of the year, exports increased by 26.7% compared to the similar period in 2009. The main products Romania exports are cars and electrictonic equipments, transports, textiles.

The newspaper reads that exports to non EU countries increased by 10% this year after they dropped by 5% in 2009. The newspaper reads that foreign companies exporting from Romania are seeking to enter on markets like China, Brasil or Indica where the competition is high.