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What the newspapers say: December 31, 2010 

de A.C.
Vineri, 31 decembrie 2010, 9:09 English | Press Review

Most newspapers read about the improvement in the state of the Romanian TV star, severely hurt on a ski slope nearby Innsbruck, Austria. Local Austrian police officers issued a press release, revealing the conditions in which the accident occurred. A Romanian might cause divorce in Monaco's royal family. Moldova has a new European chance with the election of Marian Lupu as Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament. 

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the positive evolution in the condition of Romanian TV star Serban Huidu, who was severely hurt on a ski slope in Austria. The newspaper reads that the TV star has every chance to recover as his doctors admit it. 

Doctors are very optimistic but there might be some problems with the recovery, as it is estimated to last a few weeks, Huidu's colleague Gainusa declared for the newspaper. He confirmed that Huidu woke up last night and said that he was lucky he was wearing a helmet. 

Gandul reads that local Austrian police officers issued a press release, describing the way the accident occurred. According to officials, Huidu crashed about 10 meters among trees in a forest. 

The accident occurred at 13:45 PM and apparently one of the skies hit a wet ditch which blocked the ski and Huidu crashed on the left side of the slope, for about 10 meters in the woods. 

Elsewhere in the news, Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick, Prince of Great Britain and Ireland is on paper, the third husband of Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover. However, the two are separated and for more than a year they live a separate life. 

Gandul reads that the Prince of Hanover has a passion for a 22 year old Romania, Simona, former dancer in a club in Romania and currently the image of a brothel in Austria. For the last months, the Prince has been visiting Europe accompanies with the Romanian. 

Romania libera reads about the election of Marian Lupu as Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament. Lupu announced that the Democrats decided to opt for a center right coalition with the Liberal Democrats and the Liberals. 

The newspaper reads that several days ago, Lupu seemed to incline to form a coalition with the Communists. However after negotiations the parties decided to form a center right coalition, thus re-enacting the Alliance for European Integration. 

The situation is still not stable in Moldova, as Lupu will have to elect a President and if it cannot manage, it will have to dissolve the Parliament and organize early elections.

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