Inspired by the ceremonies at Iasi dedicated to the day the Romanian principalities first united, Social Democratic and Liberal leaders announced their electoral alliance. Four suspects were captured at the border in the 1 million euro robbery in Ploiesti, nearby Bucharest, one newspaper reads. Elsewhere in the news, another AH1N1 confirmed case in Prahova county.

Social Democrats and Liberals announced their plans to join forces in an electoral alliance starting February, Gandul reads on Tuesday. The two leaders announced their coalition, symbolically yesterday at Iasi, North Romania on the Union’s Day. In a press conference, the two declared that they will form an axis of the good to fight off the bad axis formed by the incumbent government.

The opposition announced its plans to cease anti-social measures of the government and give the people back the money that was taken away from the government. Other plans are to relaunch the economy and legally punish those who have done so many misgivings to the people, Ponta said.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul reads about four suspects caught at the border, suspected of stealing 1 million euro from Ploiesti. The four were caught by the customs officers while they were trying to leave the country together with a group. Another three suspects managed to leave the country already, most probably to Italy.

Investigators managed to recover another 40,000 euro from the stolen money as they were hidden in their houses’ walls. Judicial sources declared for the newspaper that the thieves spent 50,000 euro buying a limo. However, there are rest up to 1 million euro are still missing. The investigation started when a woman called the police to complain about the stolen bag with 1 million euro.

She declared that the money came from real estate transactions three years ago. Police officers say this is the biggest theft committed in Romania.

A 20 year old youngster from Prahova county was diagnosed with the AH1N1 virus and was hospitalized in Ploiesti, Romania libera reads. According to the hospital’s county, Catalin Visean, the woman was hospitalized on Tuesday January 18, suspected of the swine flu. Her condition is good and doctors do not expect any complications. This is the second AH1N1 confirmed case in the county.