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What the newspaper say: April 21, 2011

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Joi, 21 aprilie 2011, 10:19 English | Press Review

All newspapers on Thursday read about the prosecutor’s decisions to arrest media mogul Sorin Ovidiu Vantu for life threatening statements against news television Realitatea TV manager Sebastian Ghita. After a 7 year trial, one of the richest men in Romania, was sentenced to four years of prison. A man attempted to blackmail Dacia after he found a stick with the fabrication plans of Duster. Hospitals will be classified on competence levels. Last but not least, a 3 million euro park will be built downtown Baia Mare, North West Romania. 

Most newspapers on Thursday read about the life threatening statements made by media mogul and businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu against Sebastian Ghita, manager of news television Realitatea TV. Gandul releases the transcripts of a phone call conversation Vantu had with Ghita in which Vantu threatens Ghita with murder.  

Ghita released the tape to prosecutors who retained media mogul Vantu on Wednesday night for blackmail and threats against Ghita. The transcript of the tape reveals that Vantu threatened Ghita, saying that he will kill him and suggesting that murder is a solution for him whenever he has high stakes in a business. 

Gandul reads about the attempts of a man to blackmail Dacia after the found a memory stick containing fabrication plans of the new Duster model. For several days in January, Gheorghe M. sent emails to Dacia’s management requesting a Dacia Duster in exchange for his silence.  

Dacia representatives submitted on January 19 a formal complaint, informing that they received messages from the man. Prosecutors found evidence on his laptop and confirmed that the plans were real.  

After a 7 years trial, billionaire Ioan Neculaie was sentenced to four years of prison for building on somebody else’s land, Gandul reads. In the same sentence, the judge disposed that the billionaire can avoid prison time if under judicial supervision for 7 years compelling Neculaie to be present at any solicited meeting by the court, to announce any change of residence and any travels that exceed 8 days and announce the date of return, to communicate and justify any change in his work place.  

The decision can be appealed in 10 days which the businessman already did, Gandul reads. The complaint against the businessman was made in 2004 when Neculaie, fresh owner of the hotel Piatra Mare in Poiana Brasov decided to build a pool with a conference room.  

However, he did not have any authorization and the pool was built on a land that was owned, 80% by Ion Olaru. Olaru said he is determined to demolish the building on his land, to prove that even after 7 years, one needs to pay the consequences for using somebody else’s property.  

Evenimentul Zilei reads that hospitals in Romania will be re-classified based on their performance levels. Starting today, all hospitals are obliged to request in writing the new classification at the public health department in their area. The advantages of the new classification are: an increase of efficiency as hospitals will avoid overlapping with other hospitals, ensuring equal access for citizens. 

Authorities hope to diminish the costs of treatments by avoiding hospitalization at inferior levels of assistance. 

Romania libera reads about a 3 million euro investment in a public garden, downtown Baia Mare, North West Romania. The park, on 2.5 acres will be financed from EU funds through the Regional Development and Tourism ministry. The money will be used to embellish the area with vegetation, urban furniture, a 30 places parking lot and a labyrinth made of greeneries.

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