Democratic Liberals might set up a new political organization to cut off the ground gained by the alliance of the Social Democrats and Liberals. The National Integrity Agency urges anti graft prosecutors to investigate former Labour minister Ioan Botis for conflict of interest. A Romanian party stands, for the first time, in the local elections in Spain in five cities where many Romanians live. Last but not least, two Romanians in Italy returned a wallet containing 600 euro.

Evenimentul Zilei reads in its Wednesday edition about the possible plans of Democrat Liberals to create a new political organization to shake the ground gained so far by the alliance between the Social Democrats and the Liberals. The newspaper reads that a government lead by an independent and the creation of a new party might leave the Social Liberal alliance aside the 2012 governing positions.

Democratic Liberals are trying to create an alternative for the undecided or for those who would opt for a right wing alliance or for those who did not mobilize. The idea was also used back in 2007 when Liberal Valeriu Stoica created PDL. Moreover, Democratic Liberals do not consider the gesture of the president’s daughter, Ioana Basescu, to register the Popular Movement a chance.

In this context, the Social Liberal Union is threatened to lose a considerable part of the percents gathered because of the image of PM Boc.

Most newspapers today read about the decision of the National Integrity Agency to urge anti graft prosecutors to investigate former Labour minister Ioan Botis. The investigation of the National Integrity Agency contradicts the declarations of the former minister.

Botis declared that his family offered, for free, their house as headquarters of the association that received 500,000 euro EU funds. However, ANI contradicts him and says that there is a renting contract signed for four years for a monthly rent of 5,500 ron.

Moreover, the agency discovered a series of irregularities related to the organization that received the EU funds and the minister’s wife who was employed by the organization.

Romania libera reads about a Romanian party in Spain that attends, for the first time, local elections in Spain in five cities where many Romanians are living. However, the Spanish are not welcoming their candidacies. The Romanian Party, PIRUM is the first foreign party to stand in the electoral process in Spain according to the party’s president, Florin Bojor.

The party was created two years ago and of the nine cities where he tried to register the party will stand in elections in only five where Romanians make up at least 5% of the population. In theory, the party will manage to get a seat in the local councils. Bojor said that all candidates financed their campaigns on their own.

However, candidates do not believe they have too many chances.

Gandul reads that two Romanians, husband and wife, returned a wallet containing 600 euro and IDs that they found on a street in Vasto city, Italy. The identity of the two was not revealed but the source reads that the two have been living for a long time there.

The site does not read whether the two received a reward but the Italian press underlines the fact that the Romanians could have taken the money but they preferred to make a nice gesture.