All newspapers today read about the placement of the American anti-missile shield at Deveselu, South Romania, what the region and the country has to gain out of it. Ten days before the Democratic Liberal congress and there is still debate on the voting procedures but they already fight on the positions available. Bulgarian Ambassador to Romania recalled accused of being part of the former Communist secret services. Elsewhere in the news, France Telecom might sell Orange Romania. The European Film Festival across Romania presents Oscar movies.

All newspapers on Wednesday read about the decision of the National Defense Council related to the placement of the American anti-missile shield at Deveselu, Olt County South Romania at a former air force base that was closed since 2002. Romania’s Foreign Affairs official Bogdan Aurescu assured that there will be no negative effects for the population in the area, Gandul reads.

The activities, life or health of the population will not be affected in any way. The interceptors installed do not have any explosive charge and do not contain any other dangerous loads. The American anti-missile shield has four phases. The first one was the placement in September 2009 the USS Monterey ship that can fight in the same time against terrestrial, air and submarine threats. The placement in Romania is the main phase of the second stage that will end in 2015. T

he Czech Republic is undergoing negotiations for the placement of a collection and interpretation of information sent by military satellites to detect missiles that target NATO territory. The third stage that will end in 2018 involves the placement in Poland of two anti missile shields that are more advanced than those in Romania.

In the end, the fourth stage that will end in 2010 will place in an unknown location yet an inter-continental shield that will protect the US as well.

Romania libera focuses on the costs of the placement that amount to 400 million dollars, plus 20 million dollars/year for maintenance that will be paid by the US. Our country will offer the military base and will be in charge with the security of the system. Deveselu mayor Gheorghe Beciu declared for that the location became the most important in Romania and that he expects to lower unemployment rate among the 3000 inhabitants.

In politics, ten days before the Democratic Liberal Congress, Democratic Liberals still fight on the voting procedures but start counting available positions, Gandul reads. Tension in the party is at its highest point in the light of the new congress. While those who stand for PM Boc want to organize voting centers based on organizations, those who support Vasile Blaga refuse such an option and call for an alphabetical vote.

Since the committee in charge did not make a decision, it is up to the two leaders to negotiate a deal. However, Blaga declared that no negotiation will be held or was held with Boc since positions are won based on vote.

About 200 Bulgarian Ambassadors were recalled following discoveries that they were part of the former secret Communist police including the Bulgarian Ambassador to Bucharest, Valentin Radomirski Romania libera reports. Contacted by the newspaper, the Bulgarian Embassy press attaché Yordan Nachev declared that he has no information about the recall of the Ambassador and that for now, he is still Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Bucharest.

On January 14, 2011 the Bulgarian Parliament adopted a declaration urging authorities to recall 42 diplomats including Ambassadors to Germany, US, Great Britain and Romania.

Romania libera reads about the intentions of France Telecom to evaluate their European portfolio in Austria, Belgium and Romania which might mean that they are considering selling Orange Romania that registered decreases in sales last year. The financial report of France Telecom Orange presented underlines that the company is increasing its activity in Africa and Middle East by about 6% while in Europe sales increased by 1.2% despite the decrease registered in Romania.

Orange Romania had 10,274 million clients at the end of March, 5% less than the same period in 2010, according to a France Telecom report.

Gandul informs its readers about the start of the European Film Festival on May 5 to May 29 in five main cities across Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Targu Mures and Timisoara. There are 28 participant countries and for the first time, the Republic of Moldova is also present. In Bucharest, the festival will close its gates on May 15 when the Prize of the Public will also be awarded.