Romania and Israel are interested in developing joint infrastructure, energy and agricultural projects, Romanian PM Emil Boc said in a press conference with his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, on the margins of an inter-governmental meeting in Jerusalem. Iran, Middle East relations and links between Israel and Romania featured prominently during the talks.

The Romanian prime minister said in Jerusalem that a peaceful way was the best solution in the case of Iran and that Romania was sharing the UN stand on the issue, according to the Romanian correspondent to the Jerusalem event. For his part, Benjamin Netanyahu said he discussed with Boc the case of Iran, a country which he said was working to attain nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu said Israel was pushing for serious pressure on Iran and that strong sanctions against Tehran, especially in the oil and banking sectors, were needed.

Netanyahu said the sanctions were still to be approved by the UN Security Council and that he hoped they be passed under the US leadership.

Regarding Egypt, the Israeli PM said his county had a deep interest in maintaining long term peace no matter who will form the government in Cairo.

Israeli-Romanian relations

Also on Thursday, Emil Boc and Benjamin Netanyahu signed a joint statement referring to the cooperation between the two countries in several sectors, from foreign policy to social and economic issues. Emil Boc said the two countries were interested in developing joint projects in the sectors of infrastructure, energy and especially agriculture.

Romania will support Israel in its efforts against terrorist attacks, the two countries will introduce transparent policies to promote investments - including favorable taxes and measures to attract investments, which will be applied to Israeli companies in Romania and to the Romanian ones in Israel.

A deal was signed to hurry up negotiations for an easier recruitment and temporary employment of Romanians in the Israeli constructions sector and the development of a wider judicial framework on employment.

A cooperation plan was signed between the Romanian and Israeli health ministries to develop joint projects.

A joint statement of intention to work together in the environment sector was also signed.