The Italian government has decided to drop a decree adopted in November this year allowing authorities to expel citizens of other EU member countries. The decree was adopted shortly after an Italian citizen, Giovanna Reggiani, was killed by a Romanian suspect, ANSA news agency reports, quoted by Romanian agency NewsIn.

The government decided not to continue the legal procedures to push through the decree because it cannot be adopted in time by the Parliament by the end of the year.

The decision was officially announced on Wednesday morning.

According to sources, the government will replace the decree with another one that will contain the same key norms.

ANSA says that the Presidency announce it will study the document closely.

The decree ruling the right of Italian officials to expel EU citizens entered force on November 2 after it was adopted by the Government. However, the decree needed the approval of the Parliament.

According to the decree, a judge can rule without a trial that an immigrant can be expelled if it is proved to be a public menace.