One in three Romanian immigrants in Italy intend to return in Romania for good in the next couple of years, a survey conducted by the Governmental Strategy Agency reveals. The same study points that 23% of them plan to open their own business in Romania, 31% want to build a house and only 21% want to stay in Italy for the next two years.

Romanian immigrants in Italy maintain a close relationship with their family and relatives back home. Some 51% of them send money regularly in the country while 74% of them return in the country for their holidays.

64% of Romanians in Italy have a very good opinion about their Italian employers while 92% of them say that their neighbours are great.

The study reveals that 29% of Romanians in Italy feel threatened as they read graffitti drawings against them while some other 14% say that they have been asked for their IDs by the Italian police just because of their nationality.