British newspaper The Times has published a broad article depicting the most common methods used by professional gangs who appeal to child trafficking and slavery to earn millions of pounds. Eastern European bands are using such methods as "Hugger mugger", "Distraction thefts", "Table surfing" or "Robbers' reel". Last week, dozens of police officers took part in a series of raids against modern gangs suspected of trafficking more 1,000 Romanian children to Britain and taught them to pickpocket and steal from shops.

  • "Hugger mugger" - after a clubbing night, people are leaving home in a less than sober condition. Gangs of men and women close in to their targets, singing, dancing, embracing them - while an accomplice cleans up their pockets.
  • "Distraction thefts" - people trying to take money from a cashing machine are pushed by a citizen, forcing them to turn around. Somebody else takes the money from the machine.
  • "Table surfing" - gangs enter a restaurant and look for mobile phones or wallets left on tables. Sometimes they divert attention and take the objects while passing by the tables.
  •  "Robbers' reel" - a Romanian dancing band this year delivered shows in several shops in Lancashire, while their accomplices were stealing from the shelves.

British police data show families from Romania are paid 200-400 euro to have their children taken to Britain and used in such scams.