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Russian Foreign Minister: Bucharest summit may deteriorate the USA - Russia relations

de Radu Rizea
Duminică, 30 martie 2008, 23:28 English | Regional Europe

The United States intend to take steps towards the Ukraine and Georgia accession to NATO during the summit in Bucharest and such a policy may seriously complicate the relations between Moscow and Washington, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared, quoted by daily Vzgliad.

„I am sure that the existing US administration strongly decided to do all that is possible so that the road Ukraine and Georgia decide to take would be a road with no return", Lavrov said. At the same time, Lavrov added, the Alliance doesn't take into account that fact that the majority of the population, both in Georgia and Ukraine, is against joining NATO.

The head of Russian diplomacy reminded that, in Abkhazia and South Osetia, the idea of having Georgia in NATO is not accepted, while officials in Tbilisi believe that joining the Alliance will ensure the territorial integrity of the country.

Lavrov emphasized that the US administration is taking steps towards the fast, forced and artificial prompting of Ukraine and Georgia towards NATO, a fact that will have a negative impact between Moscow and Washington, and generally NATO.

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