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Romania Interior Minister: Italian laws against immigration do not come against European regulations

de Radu Rizea
Luni, 26 mai 2008, 8:59 English | Regional Europe

Romania Interior Minister Cristian David declared in an interview for that the new laws adopted by the Italian government are not breaking in any way the European regulations on immigration. Costica Noru, a Romanian citizen conducting businesses in Italy, believes that the new laws ay even represent a change for the good for all Romanians working in Italy, because it would make employers employ Romanians legally, instead of preferring the black market.

"The Foreign Ministry analyzes the decree issued by the Italian governments. I am convinced that, up to this moment, there are no problems such as breaking the community acquis. The way the new rules will be applied and implemented represent another problem. I is a matter of principle. The decree should be applied proportionally and without any discrimination. The way the Police will act, the way the minimum living standards are analyzed, the expelling procedures - these are issues that must be followed. We demanded these details", said minister Cristian David.

Still, David believes that the new decree will not lead to a wave of expelling: "After the Prodi decree, which was similar, although it focused on security, less than 300 Romanians were expelled in the following 6 months", he added.

David says that the Italian economy will be severely affected in case the minimum income criteria will be massively applied for expelling immigrants.

Businessman Costica Noru sees in the new decree an opportunity, saying that it will make employers turn to legal employment conditions, after years of preferring the black market labor.

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